Lana's First Bath

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First of all, Lana’s first bath wasn’t now at nearly 6 weeks of age, but when she was around 10 days old. Don’t want you to think there’s some child neglect going on here haha! 

We were a bit nervous before giving her a bath – we were warned that she wouldn’t like it and babies become quite slippery when wet…Plus we were worried she’d get too cold or that the water would be too hot for her. Luckily Lana seems to like getting wet and really seemed to enjoy bathing! Guess it reminded her of mummy’s womb 🙂

What she didn’t like, however, was getting out of the bath…She still doesn’t like that part of the process, which means that every bathing session ends in tears. Hopefully she’ll get used to that soon like she got used to having her nappy changed; she now seems to like it and it’s become a great opportunity for bonding.

firstbath babybathing bathtimebabybathbathing

And this is Lana bathing the other day – loving it more and more every time 🙂 Those cheeks are definitely rounder now!


Who’s that guy with the beard?


The other day when Lana was spending some time on the playmat I noticed that she was actually playing on her own! Or I’m pretty sure that’s what it was, and I’ve seen her do it several times now (more proof that she must be a genius). What she does is that she reaches out to the little crab and hits it with her hand so that it swings and then she laughs and coos. Then she waits until it slows down again and repeats the whole thing. So cute!

Has anyone noticed that their 4-5 week old babies would be playing on their own?

x Nina x