Lana’s First Birthday Party

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I’ve said it so many times, but I just can’t believe how quick Lana’s first year has gone! She’s turned into this wee person who’s running around on her own wee legs. Lana had a blast on her big day but most likely won’t recall a single thing – luckily we can look at the photos later on in life and she can pretend she remembers 🙂 

As our flat isn’t big enough to accommodate all the guests we booked an area upstairs at Hemma bar and restaurant. “Hemma” actually means “at home” in Swedish, so it was the perfect choice haha! I forgot to take photos after the first guests had arrived, plus I had a strange filter on that made everyone look orange for a while – so no mastershots to expect here!


Lana’s waiting for her guests. I had saved the lovely dress she got for Christmas from her auntie Anna and uncle Niklas for the occasion and was excited to finally dress Lana in it 🙂 (It’s by Finnish brand Mainio.)


The area was perfect and big enough – only minus was the stairs that Lana kept trying to reach during the entire time we where there…Luckily there were many babysitters to make sure she didn’t venture downstairs 🙂 (Poor Matthew was on balloon duty.)


And the view from the other side. Matthew’s dad acting as the bouncer for the stairs.


There was also a children’s corner with some toys, which was great.


We were only allowed to bring a birthday cake – whatever else we wanted had to be ordered from the bar. I was a bit cheeky though as I also smuggled in vegan brownies (for the one vegan person attending haha) and baby muffins for the little ones…


Ok this card is nice, but where’s my present?? 😛


Lana’s first wee mate arrived.


And these two mates had been shopping in the same store haha. And no, they haven’t been fake tanning – it’s just that damn filter!


And this is the last photo I took.


Lana had no interest in blowing out the candle – and no idea what was happening! I was just a tiny bit sad that my beautiful cake had to be destroyed…:P


Lana was on top form for over 3 hours and just kept running around exploring the place (and eating stuff off the floor…) When we got home she suddenly became really snotty and has been more or less snotty ever since. Strange.

Thank you everyone who came and who remembered Lana on her first birthday!

x Nina x