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It’s been around 6 months since we moved into our new home, so it’s about time I start showing it off! Since Lana’s room was the first one we finished (still working on decorating our bedroom, the bathroom and the hallway) I want to share some photos from her room with you.

As you can see the colour scheme is quite neutral with a lot of pastels, grey and white. I didn’t want it to be instantly obvious if this is a girl’s or a boy’s room when you walk in – but I know that once Lana gets older and wants to have her own say in things this might change…Hopefully I will have brainwashed her by that time 😀

Lana’s room looks out onto the back terrace that you can step out onto and the communal back garden behind the terrace. We get the morning sun on this side and the evening side on the living room side. This tenement building was built in 1890 and has many nice features, such as high ceilings, cornices and big windows. The oak floors were the first thing I noticed and fell in love with when we first stepped into the flat – they’re fairly new though.

We bought this sofa bed from Ikea as it was the biggest and most cost effective bed I could find – plus I liked the black frame. We’ve had guests stay on it, sometimes Matthew sleeps here and we always read Lana her bedtime stories sitting here. The bunting is all made my me, so easy! See a tutorial video here.

The Moomins are very important to me as they were created by a Swedish-speaking Finn (Tove Jansson) and it’s just a part of my culture. I want Lana to be familiar with the charming characters and the lovely stories, so I’ve made sure we have Moomin posters on the wall (yet to frame them), Moomin books and snuggly toys around and we watch the Moomins on YouTube.

Up until recently Lana’s bed was where the chest of drawers is and vice versa, but this is a lot better arrangement as it gives Lana more floor space. Matthew suggested we put the chest of drawers in front of the window to get even more floor space – needless to say I shot down this idea pretty damn quickly (I mean wtf?!!)

The walls in the flat are a bit tricky, so we try not to put up stuff that needs drilling. I knew almost straight away that I wanted some wall stickers for Lana’s room – they come in so many different shapes and colours and they’re affordable – not to mention there not being any marks after removing them. That dandelion sticker was one of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve ever had to do as the “branches” were all so thin and didn’t stick to the wall. Just thinking about it makes me stressed. I’m happy with the result though, thank god!

The clouds were supereasy to put up though! They look like they’re drifting to the right – that’s because I put them up when Lana’s bed was still there and I’ve been too scared to move them. There are two plants in Lana’s room at the moment, but I want more – perhaps some hanging from the ceiling by the window…Lana is so used to plants that she has no interest for them and leaves them alone, which is great!

Lots of light here in the mornings!

For Lana’s second birthday I bought her a wee “house” as she calls it (it’s still annoyingly crinkled). I originally wanted to make her a teepee, but I didn’t have the time or energy to do it, so I got her this cheaper alternative. I will make a teepee one day though!

Instead of storing away Lana’s pretty dresses, of which many are too small, I decided to hang them on her door. This is probably the only thing that gives away that this is a little girl’s room…

What do you think? 🙂

x Nina x