Last Days Of Finland

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We’ve been back in Edinburgh for a few days now and starting to settle back into everyday life here. It’s nice to be back, although the weather is nowhere near as nice as it is in Finland – I already got used to sunshine every day! Anyway, here are some pics of our last 11 days in the motherland.


I was a bit nervous about flying alone with Lana, especially since it was two flights we had to take and the stopover was only 45 minutes. I didn’t need to worry though as Lana was on her best behaviour and kept smiling, babbling and grabbing everyone she saw. She made many new friends during the trip!


The strollers on Arlanda airport were very helpful – whereas the ones on Helsinki airport just look really uncomfortable and not really suited for babies. Oh, and guess what?! Finnair will start to fly between Edinburgh and Helsinki in April 2016! It’s a seasonal route, from April to the end of October, three times a week, but still! So happy! Now I’m expecting loads of visitors next year 😉


The last days in Finland were filled with good food as my mum and dad treated me to lunch several times. For some reason every restaurant in Porvoo seem to have goat’s cheese salad on their menu, so I’ve had many this summer. The price for the best one goes to El Alba restaurant – lots of fruit and flavour!


One of my favourite places in Porvoo is a new place called Zum Beispiel – here I’m trying their avocado and king prawn pasta.


Since I can’t have egg anymore I’ve had to say no thank you to many cakes this summer, but this lovely lemon cheesecake was egg-free 🙂


I read that Finns eat the most ice cream in all of Europe in the in-flight magazine – and I for sure have contributed to this stat this summer! There are just so many different flavours to try, like liquorice – my favourite 🙂


Lana’s been hanging out a fair bit with her cousin, she seems to love babies and children 🙂 She just kept following Max wherever he crawled, she was maybe a bit too intense for him haha.


The mirror has been a big hit this summer, Lana just can’t to get enough of the other baby she sees..And here she’s harassing Max again.


Wanted a picture wearing my granny’s old top – and there are many pretty backgrounds in Old Porvoo to choose from!


This whole weaning thing could be going better to be honest – I’m getting tired of trying to trick Lana to open her mouth…Although today she actually opened her mouth several times when I was trying to feed her! She still spat a lot of it out, but it gives me hope anyway! Think I’m going to give her more fingerfoods, she seems to like it a little bit better than being fed with a spoon.


We also paid my 102-year old granny several visits, and Lana was well-behaved every time. It was nice taking her there as the other residents clearly appreciated saying hi to Lana too.


We did some shopping too. Lana’s growing fast and needed some new clothes – and it seems to be easier to find baby clothes I like in Finland.


Cornelius the dog visiting.


The cat quickly started avoiding Lana – it didn’t stop her trying to get close though.


Lana’s starting to look up a lot more – and obviously sees a lot of interesting things…


I really wasn’t prepared for her to start pulling herself up to a standing position this soon! Now I constantly have to worry she doesn’t fall and hit her head 🙁


We also had a playdate in Helsinki with a few friends with children.


And an evening picnic in the sun. Lana had a great time 🙂


Found this picture of me as a baby – no one can’t deny that Lana doesn’t look like me (even though she has her father’s eyes)!


Yup, now she’s figured out how to stand up in her cot bed too – I bet she’ll start practising this at night…For some reason Lana has started waking up pretty much once an hour at night – making me and her a pretty tired duo during daytime. She already started waking up more when in Finland, but the last few days she’s been doing it 10 times a night at worst. Can’t see any signs of teething, but might have to get her ears checked in case of an ear infection. She’s had a bit of a cold so that’s why I think that could be an option. Or maybe she’s confused about where she is when she wakes up? Has anyone had similar experiences with a 6 month old?

It’s been so nice to have been able to spend almost 7 weeks in Finland – the first time I’ve spent more than 2 consecutive weeks after I moved away almost 4 years ago. Although it didn’t look good in the beginning we did get several weeks of non-stop sunshine and warm weather in the end!

I want to say a big thank you to my mum and dad for spoiling us and to everyone who took the time to meet up with us – we’ve had a blast!

x Nina x