Our Last Saturday as a Family of 3?

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It’s crazy to think that this time next week there might be four of us! Fingers crossed that will be the case as ever since Saturday I’ve felt so much pressure that it’s difficult to walk and I’m wondering if I’ll make it to the due date (28.10)…Either way, thought I’d do a quick blog about our possibly last Saturday as a family of three!

Friday was a beautiful autumn day and Lana and I spent hours in the Botanics with a friend of mine and her son. Catching up with my friend combined with the sunshine gave me a boost of energy that lasted until Saturday – so we headed out for the day. This was going to be a weekend blog, but I was so knackered on Sunday that Matthew and Lana went out to see friends and I just stayed at home resting…But keep reading to see what we got up to on Saturday!

Lana came into our bed around 3am at which point Matthew moved into Lana’s room so it wouldn’t get so crowded in Mamma’s bed as Lana calls our bed haha. Lana woke me up at 9.20 and we went to wake up Pappa – and within two minutes Lana had managed to turn her (for once) tidy room into a mess.

Matthew and Lana moved into our bed for some morning lazing around after we decided we won’t make Lana’s dancing class at 11am.

Instead of my usual porridge I had some toast with avocado, tomato and alfalfa sprouts. Sprouts are so easy to grow and so tasty and crunchy – see my previous blog for instructions! I bought the seeds at Real Foods btw.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so into make up before, to the point where I’m actually enjoying trying new products. I’ve mentioned this tinted serum by Lumene before, but it is such a nice, very light alternative to foundation that gives the skin a lovely glow whilst caring for the skin. Another similar product I want to try is the hyped Glossier skin tint you can now get in the UK.

After stopping at Pret for a snack and Boots to pick up nappies and wipes which we forgot to bring we finally made it to our first destination; the Museum of Childhood on the Royal Mile.

It was a place full of old toys, but it was a bit of torture for Lana not to be able to touch and play with the toys – so perhaps it’s a place better suited for older children!

After our visit to the museum Lana was getting a bit cranky, but no wonder as she was starving and tucked into her (and mine) sushi like she had never seen food before. I love it that she likes sushi even though she can be a bit of a fussy eater! We went to the sushi place in Princes Street Mall that we go to quite often as it’s so reasonably priced and really good value for money. The mall itself is a bit depressing though, but it’s worth it for the sushi!

Lana is very good at recognising places, so she knew that there’s a soft play area behind the corner from the sushi place – and there was no way we could talk her out of going there…So Matthew took her playing whilst I went to…

…H&M to buy us some new sheets. I love the home department and struggle to leave without buying anything. Think pretty much all of our cushion covers are from here! I also got Lana some pretty “dancing shoes” and a couple of bodysuits for the baby – actually the only clothes I’ve bought her. I just felt I want to dress her in something new and of her own at the hospital instead of Lana’s old clothes…

Such a lovely day! Lana was ecstaticly running around with five other kids at the soft play – it was so nice to watch her being so happy and red-cheeked. After having tired herself out she agreed to leave and was so cute when she waved to the other kids and said “bye bye my friends” <3 We popped into a sports shop to see if I could find the Adidas originals sweatshirt I’ve been longing after, but I had no luck so we got on the bus home instead.

I wanted to get a photo of my belly with Lana, but as you can see she wasn’t cooperating this time.

So Matthew just took some photos with a little weirdo standing in the corner. This is me at 39+0 weeks, looking and feeling a bit fed-up with this whole pregnancy thing!

We got home and I went straight for a lie down and told Matthew he had to cook. Lana also sat down for about two minutes.

But with Strictly on TV (for some reason I’ve always found the show so boring) and her new pink dancing shoes on Lana didn’t stay put for long and got up for a boogie. Where do toddlers get all their energy from??

After dinner and putting Lana to bed Matthew headed out for a couple of drinks with his friends – I’m pretty sure it was not just two drinks as they ended up at the casino and he got home around 4am…Well guess he needed to get it out of his system as there will be none of that for a long time hehe.

I spent the evening watching vlogs and taking it easy. I’m actually not that into reading blogs anymore, but instead I find myself watching vlogs on YouTube – which makes me feel like I want to do it too…But that won’t happen anytime soon if I do decide to go down that route!

Do you watch vlogs and which vloggers do you like?

x Nina x