Last Week

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Apart from Monday last week was quite sunny and dry, so we we’ve been out and about quite a lot. Here are a few photos of what Lana and I’ve been up to 🙂


I’m leaning more and more towards baby led weaning – just fed up trying to get a spoon into Lana’s mouth! Here we have a veggie roast dinner haha. Lana ate about 1/100 of that.


Lana’s auntie stopped by on Tuesday evening – and brought Halloween with her 🙂 Yes, the pyjamas glows in the dark too!


We popped into daddy’s office to give him a hand and get Lana used to working life (she’s 7 months after all). Here she’s checking her emails whilst sipping on her latte.


Shopping with babies brings out a whole range of emotions – these two seemed to be in sync haha.


Thursday was spent baking with a friend – we made spinach filled pastries, red pepper pies and cinnamon/cardamom buns. Yum!


Lana got to meet a few of her proud uncles on Saturday.


I came up with a new way of using our massive back terrace we never use – find out what it is in my next blog 🙂


I had a vegan pumpkin brownie at the Archipelago Bakery – next on my baking list me thinks!


Lana being entertained by her nana and pop.

Yesterday I picked up some paint for my DIY project that I’ll also tell you more about later – if I don’t mess it up completely…Have a good week folks, before you know it it’ll be Friday again!

x Nina x