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Life lately has consisted of cleaning the house over and over again and doing closer to 30 viewings in a week – with more booked in. I feel like a broken record just repeating the same things over and over again to all the people coming to view the house. But we’re very pleased that it’s been so popular and it’s been nice to speak to so many lovely young people who are looking to get on the property ladder. In fact, one of the first viewers was a Finnish woman!

The closing date is next Tuesday and so far we already have many notes of interest, so we’re hoping for several offers. We haven’t actually started packing or getting rid of stuff yet, as we first want to see if the buyer would like to take some of the furniture and plants. Plus we want the flat to look its best for the viewings and not inundated with boxes. I’ve had several people saying they can adopt some plants, so will have to organise that somehow too. There’s so much to be done, but we hope we can move soon and no later than the end of May.

Life lately has also been a bit more relaxed than usual with Matthew being at home. We’ve both been unemployed for a week now – well obviously I was on maternity leave so it’s not like I was going to work anyway. It is a bit scary but at the same time we want to enjoy this opportunity to spend more time together as a family. And I’ve noticed such a change in Matthew; he’s a lot less stressed and there’s a whole different vibe in our house at the moment. Maybe we’ll just move in with my parents and not go back to work ever again!

On Monday I had my modelling gig with Dunmore Scotland – a small Scottish bag company I used to do some social media for back in the day. I was a bit nervous before, but 6 hours went past incredibly quickly and Matthew and Maya managed great without me. Only once did he bring her to the studio for a feed. Last Saturday we gave Maya her first taste of solids in the form of mashed banana – and she seemed to like it. Since then she’s had some fruit pures and so far taking to it a lot better than Lana did. Let’s hope she won’t be as fussy as her big sister!

Last Friday we drove out to the Pentlands for some fresh air and nature, so I’m including some photos from our wee day trip. We’ve also had delicious grilled cheese toasties at Meltmongers (owned by Matthew’s sister’s partner) and visited Matthew’s brother, uncle Dan. Oh, and last but not least a couple of photos from Maya’s first “proper” meal!

Lana obviously helped feed Maya and I think she was being a bit too eager in the first photo…

Soon Lana will be home from her ballet class, so need to make sure she doesn’t make too much of a mess before the viewing tonight…

x Nina x