Little Miss Maya is Finally Here!

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Lana’s little sister, Maya Elodie, finally arrived on the first of November – four days after her due date. She was even bigger than her big sister was at 4180 grams and 55 cm (!) I’ve done a birth story blog you can read here, so won’t go into detail about how the birth was – but I can say that it was a quick affair that lasted only 4 hours from the first contraction to Maya’s birth. It was a water birth, which was a great experience and something I warmly recommend!

Everything went so well with the birth and Maya was latching on and feeding so well that we were sent home only 20 hours after we arrived at the hospital – which is exactly what I wanted. We were so excited to take wee Maya home to meet her big sister, and seeing Lana’s face light up in a way I’ve never seen before was just priceless.

What wasn’t priceless is that we need a new boiler, our toilet is partly broken and we need a chimney cover to prevent any more birds falling down into our fire…Yup, that’s what happened yesterday; a seagull that had been stuck in our chimney for god knows how long fell right into our fireplace and very quickly caught fire and roasted in front of our shocked eyes. We thought it was still alive and was going to start flying around the room with its wings on fire, but thank god it was dead…Total chaos broke out when it happened with Lana crying, Matthew yelling ‘take the baby’ and myself just trying to get everyone out of the room so Matthew could deal with the bird. I think we’re all traumatised.

Lana’s been so loving towards Maya ever since first sight and hasn’t shown any signs of jealousy. Instead she’s just covering Maya in kisses, wanting to hold her all the time and telling everyone about her little sister. Yesterday when we went to register Maya (it happened to be the same woman who married us) and Lana was asked what her name is she replied saying she’s a big sister – so she’s really owning that role 🙂 Lana has been acting up a little bit though, but it’s only been aimed at Matthew and myself and never at Maya. I have to say I feel a bit guilty about not being able to give Lana as much attention as before, but when Maya starts feeding a bit less often I will make up for it!

As I said, there’s been no issues with feeding and Maya surely likes her food 🙂 She came out crying angrily and wouldn’t settle until she was put on the boob – and it feels like that’s where she’s been ever since…I haven’t really had any post-labour pains, but my nipples are pretty sore, cracked and even bleeding. I was a lot less mobile after having given birth to Lana, but I guess the body really remembers what it needs to do!

Being back home with two kids has actually been easier than I thought, but obviously Matthew has been here to share the workload. He was away for a few hours the other night and I got a taster of what it’ll be like being alone with a 2-year old who wants you to play with her aaall the time and a newborn who wants to be held aaall the time…I think I’ll just have to start wearing Maya in a sling at home as well…Not sure how I’m going to manage to leave the house with both of them as well – especially with Lana being so unpredictable, behaving well one second and running away and being a little s*it the next…

I’m not getting more than around 4 hours of sleep at night but feel pretty normal still. I try to sleep in the morning when Maya is more settled as well. Matthew and Lana sleep in Lana’s room and I sleep with Maya in our bedroom to ensure we all get as much sleep as possible (well, at least Matthew and Lana get to sleep…) Maya sleeps most of the day but is definitely more active at night – and refuses to sleep in her moses basket and just wants to be near me. So for now I sleep with her in the bed, which I know is not ideal. But, I’m a light sleeper and I build her a little nest from my pregnancy pillow that she hates a bit less than her basket…

I had forgotten how cute babies are, how amazing they smell, what funny faces they make and what little miracles they are! We’re all head over heels in love with Maya and she fits in perfectly into our little family. I can already tell she’s got a strong little personality (she’s a scorpio after all) by the impatient way she demands food and lets us know in a loud and clear voice what she doesn’t like – such as having her nappy changed…

Anyway, here are a few photos of baby Maya! <3

So guys, who do you think she looks like?? 🙂

x Nina x