Maya 18 Months

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Maya 18 months

I haven’t been blogging very much lately, but I do feel like I need to write something about Maya at 1,5 years of age. Well I don’t need to but I want to so that I can go back and read it later on – and compare to Lana’s 18-month update.

Anyway, I’m just going to write whatever springs to mind, so there won’t be a structure to this. Maya still has tantrums but not as frequently as she used to, and all in all she is easier to deal with and in a good mood most of the time. I really enjoy hanging out with her! But she still has a very strong will and knows exactly what she wants – and if she doesn’t get it she will be very upset. Typical toddler behaviour I guess! She also makes sure she gets the same things Lana has and we’ve gotten to the point where we have to buy them both the same foods/things in order to prevent a Maya meltdown.

Sleeping is better than it was but there are still less bad and bad nights. Last night, for example, she kept standing up in her bed trying to climb out for almost two hours. But not long ago she slept through the whole night. To be honest though that rarely happens. Usually she’ll wake me up a few times per night (3-5), but luckily I just have to give her the dummy and tuck her in for her to go down again. Speaking of the dummy (or “tuttu” as Maya calls it), I think she’s getting addicted to it…Before she would only have it at night, but lately she wants it during the day and more and more when we go out too. Not sure why this is happening all of a sudden, but I don’t think it’s good for her teeth etc. to keep sucking on the dummy all day…

At the beginning of September Maya is set to start nursery and although I feel we’re both ready (referring to Maya and myself) to some extent I still dread it a little bit and just hope I’ll be ok with it when the time comes. I’m sure she’ll have a blast playing with all the other kids as she is very outgoing and is always making contact with other people. But still I prefer not to think about it…

I still breastfeed Maya in the morning, before her nap and before bed and she loves these moments so much that I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to stop! But I will, probably when she starts nursery and becomes a big girl.

Maya eats fairly well but can get quite picky too. She’ll try most things but I struggle to get her to eat her veggies for example. She seems to like more flavourful foods than Lana – but unsuprisingly plain pasta is her favourite too. Oh and sausages – she loves those little skinless sausages we call “nakki” here! As a vegetarian I don’t like buying them, but sometimes I can’t deal with her tantrum in the shop or just want to give her something I know she’ll eat. She likes avocado and most fruits. And pizza and pasta bakes. And omelettes. As a sweet treat she won’t say no to raisins or dried apricots – but ice cream is probably her favourite.

Maya is constantly babbling and speaking quite a few words by now. She started saying “ice cream” recently and OMG it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard – will try to film it and share it on my insta stories! She has started saying two-word sentences, such as “look mamma” or “shoes there” and she says a few words in English but most of her words are in Swedish – which makes sense as she’s at home with me still. Something she always says in Finnish for some reason is ‘kiitos’ – thank you. She is very polite and says kiitos a lot, for example when you open the door for her or hand her some food. So so cute.

On her 1,5year check-up she was 81 cm and weighed just under 11 kg. It wasn’t the easiest thing for the doctor to do the check-up as she was very busy examining the room and trying to climb up on everything she could. Yup, her climbing hobby is still going strong and she climbs on literally everything. In the play park she’s climbing up on the big kids’ climbing frames and at home she’ll push the chairs to reach things she wants to have. Just like Lana she can be very independent and will go and get an apple or bread from the kitchen when she’s hungry. Both girls actually have an apple addiction and the apples I buy always seem to be gone within two hours.

Another hobby Maya has started within the last two months is switching on the stove and the oven. I am now checking it aaaall the time, especially just before we leave the flat. Not the nicest past time!

Maya is a very dedicated mother to her dolls and plush toys and always demands that we bring one, two or three toys out with us. She loves putting them to bed and saying “schhh”, feeding them, giving them her dummy and pushing them in the buggy. I love watching her cause it’s the cutest thing I know at the moment! She is obsessed with babies too and yells “baby” whenever we see a pram in the street haha.

Even though Maya is also a very mobile and energetic child she’s always been quite good at sitting in the buggy – until a month or so ago. Now she wants out all the time and will wriggle her way out in 10 seconds and then just slide down. So this is a whole new challenge as running any errands or doing the grocery shop has now become about 100% more stressful. Think I will have to start doing the weekly grocery shop online…

Maya’s hair is getting curlier every day and is now a chestnutty brown colour. I love her brown eyes which she’s always getting compliments for here – maybe not as common as blue eyes here in Finland.

Maya is just so funny and so full of life. She is a little charmer and she loves to give us all hugs. She is so excited whenever she sees an ant, a bee, a dog, a cat, a car, a ball etc. You get the drill. Seeing the world through her eyes is just a magical thing and makes me appreciate the small things even more – things that are big to her. I am so grateful for having a healthy little smiling toddler. I’m so grateful for having Maya in my life!

She “is the best” as Lana would say.

x Nina x