Maya 2 Years

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I’ve got so much love for my wee Maya Papaya. Can’t believe she is two already. She is a little charmer, there’s no doubt about that. A little charmer with a will made of steel. Maya knows exactly what she wants and will let us know if she doesn’t get it, loud and clear. Usually lying on her back whilst kicking and hitting. Although most of the time she’ll try to help herself to whatever she wants, very much like her big sister. Two independent, self-acting souls, the two of them.

Maya is learning new words almost daily and is very keen to talk. And sing. She’s started singing loads lately and I can tell you it’s the cutest thing in the world. Twinkle twinkle little star is a favourite. “Poo poo mamma” or “bad mamma” is something I’ve started hearing lately when things don’t go Maya’s way. She frowns as much as she can, looks at me without blinking and says the meanest words she knows; poo poo mamma. It’s SO funny. She’s saying 3-word sentences such as “pappa kommer snart” (pappa is coming soon) and “Maya borstar tänderna” (Maya is brushing her teeth). (She speaks a lot of English too, just can’t think of any examples now…)

Maya is the youngest in her nursery group but you’ll find her playing with Lana and the older kids most days. She has no time for the “small” kids her own age, she’s climbing on the big childrens’ climbing frames or playing tag with them. (Or at least she thinks she is part of the game haha.) She’s constantly getting hurt and seems to have a black eye/bump on her head/cut on her forehead at all times. Lana was never as clumsy even though she’s always been quite wild. Maya seems to love nursery now and instead of crying in the morning when I leave her she cries when I pick her up and she has to go home.

Maya is showing signs of being more organised than whirlwind Lana. Maya will often place her shoes neatly when she takes them off, she keeps closing the toilet lid and the dishwasher, she straightens the rug, puts stuff in the bin and just puts things away a lot more than Lana (which is not difficult to accomplish to be honest haha). Oh and she always wants me to wipe off any spilt porridge or food straight away.

Maya’s favourite food must be avocado. At the moment she’ll even eat the avocado before the pasta, and that says a lot. At nursery she seems to be eating well, but at home she doesn’t like to stray too much from her safe foods.

Maya loves reading, and at the moment we’re reading the princess potty book every night, her favourite. At nursery she goes and sits on the potty a lot but she’s never actually produced anything. She is clearly interested though – I’m just working up the strength to start potty training her…Maya also loves drawing, painting and play dough. She’s recently started drawing these circular shapes, which she’ll draw the paper full of – and she’s working hard on drawing eyes within these circles. She says they are babies <3

Lana two years 🙂
Maya two years 🙂

Maya loves to hug and be held and will always run to meet Matthew when he gets back from work or me when I get her from nursery. Maya and Lana also hug a lot and it’s so lovely to watch. They often comfort each other too when the other one is sad – by hugging and stroking the head. So cute. They actually play together a lot – but there is more and more fighting too, which is what siblings do I guess…

Maya is sleeping quite well but still waking up around 2-3 times per night. She is easy to put to bed and we have a routine which she loves. First Matthew gives her a bath if it’s bath night, brushes her teeth (it’s such hard work I need to outsource one of the brushing sessions) and gets her in her pyjamas. Then Maya and I go upstairs, find her “tuttu” (dummy), wash it and put it on Lana’s bed (she’s still in a cot so can’t sit there). Then Maya will pick a few books that we’ll read. Then I breastfeed her, give her her tuttu and put her in her cot with the animal of her choice. She stays there even if she doesn’t fall asleep straight away.

Maya is a loving little human being who wears her heart on her sleeve. With her it’s always big emotions but most of the time it’s big smiles. In the mornings I can’t wait to go get her out of her cot so I can get a big hug from a cheekily smiling little Mayalina <3

x Nina x

PS. I came across a photo of Lana on her second birthday that I posted on Instagram and since we still have the same clothes I decided to dress Maya up in the same outfit – you’d almost think they are twins 😀