Maya – A Pretty Chilled Baby

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Maya will be 3 months on the 1st of February, so thought it would be a good time to write down some stuff about her so I don’t forget! Lana got regular updates until she was in her second year, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case with Maya…That’s what you get as a second child I guess!

It’s quite natural to compare your second child to your first one as that is the best reference point you’ve got – so when I say Maya is pretty chilled that is in comparison with Lana who maybe wasn’t the most chilled out baby out there. Maya’s not taking it easy when she’s hungry though, but very impatiently demands to be fed straight away.

Anyway, I have to say it’s been so much easier with Maya, which is probably largely due to the fact that I’m a lot less stressed. By the time Lana was 3 months old she had already visited the doctor several times, both in Edinburgh and in Finland. This was because of her reflux – or at least that’s what I diagnosed her with (and the doctors went along with it). Maya also brings up a lot of milk and has a bit of reflux as well, but either it’s not as bad as Lana was (my memory fails me here) or I’m more relaxed about it and know that it isn’t anything dangerous. I’ve elevated the head of Maya’s moses basket though and always keep at least 5 muslin cloths with me when we go out.

Maya sleeps pretty well. The other night she slept from midnight until 10am only waking up once around 5am. Usually she goes to bed around 11-12 (late just as her sister) and sleeps 4-6 hours in one go, feeds for 5 minutes without even opening her eyes and sleeps another 4-5 hours. Then she often wakes up for an hour or so, in a really good mood, and sleeps for another couple of hours or so. She is definitely an evening person, sleeps most of the day and only wakes up properly in the late afternoon. Apart from her sleeping routine there’s not much routine going on in her life yet and she just naps throughout the day and feeds whenever.

Maya is a very alert baby and has been so right from the start – just like her big sister. She loves looking at faces, whether that be live or on TV. She’s got big dark eyes that I think will become brown and rocks the ‘deer in the headlights’ look really well. (Oh how I hate our wood-coloured wardrobe!)

Sometimes she doubles as a bunny. I had Maya weighed last week and she’s dropped two steps from the percentile or curve she was on when she was born. At 11 weeks she was 5,560kg (Lana was 5,750 at 10 weeks) – and since she was 4,180kg (Lana was 4kg) when she was born she hasn’t put on a massive amount of weight. But I’m not worried as she is a very long and active baby who is always moving about. Plus she’s content and smiling a lot, which is a pretty good sign everything is ok!

Checking out the face of aunty Minty.

“Hmm, what should I have for dinner tonight?” Maya loves having her nappy changed but doesn’t like getting dressed. She very much enjoys a bath too.

I feel like this photo deserves a funny caption but I can’t think of any! That face is priceless though.

Maya can spend ages lying on her back kicking and babbling away. Lana rolled over just as she had turned three months, so it’ll be interesting to see if Maya will be just as early. I think she looks so much like Matthew’s sister here with her wee dimple!

She discovered her hands a few weeks ago and now trying to have a taste every chance she gets.

Unlike Lana, Maya does say yes to a dummy – and I’m so grateful for that. Whereas Lana would use me as dummy and feed so much she would projectile vomit, Maya takes the dummy and is perhaps also a more relaxed baby because of that. Plus it helps with the reflux too. Haven’t tried the bottle with her yet, so will be interesting to see if she will accept that especially as Lana never did.

Maya loves standing and it often looks like she’s trying to sit up from a leaning position. She looks wise beyond her years in this shot with her big dark eyes. And you can see her lovely monk-hair here too haha (Google tells me it’s called tonsure).

And this is what we do all day when Lana is with Nana and Pop. (I wish!)

I feel fully recovered now (apart from a few kilos I still want to lose) and went for my first run yesterday. It was surprisingly easy and I didn’t even have to stop, yay. With Lana I went for my first run when she was 7 weeks old – which didn’t feel right and only resulted in sore knees and a pain in my lower back. This time I’ve been doing leg exercises since Maya was a month old so I would be prepared and not hurt myself. Can’t wait for my next run!

I really hope I get to keep my chilled out baby for as long as possible. But I know that this can change in a blink of an eye – so I’m going to just enjoy it while it lasts!

x Nina x