Mayalina is 6 Months! (+ Some Very Good News!)

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Before we had Maya everybody kept telling me that the second child is so much less stressful, and that is exactly how it’s been. It’s been a sheer joy to look after Maya and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is to have a little baby again, a baby who’s always giving you the biggest smiles and who lights up when you walk into the room. She is the best.

I’ve been able to enjoy these first months with Maya more than with Lana – but that doesn’t mean I was any less in love with Lana. I’m just more relaxed now and that makes a huge difference. I keep saying it, but Maya is such a chilled out baby (or at least compared to what Lana was) and she makes it so easy to be her parent. She can be very demanding as well, especially when she’s tired – but often we can just put her in her basket and she’ll drop off on her own. Yup, she’s still in her moses basket as we don’t have a bed for her yet and there’s no point buying one just before we move.

And now my beautiful girl is 6 months. At 6 months Lana was already moving around and pulling herself up to a standing position, so with her I felt the baby stage was very short. Maya still stays more or less in the same place I leave her, but she’s getting more and more impatient and clearly wants to get moving – she just doesn’t quite get how to do it haha. She’s very good at grabbing things and passing them on from one hand to the other – it almost looks funny when she takes out her dummy using just her thumb and index finger, like it’s way too calculated for her age and size if you know what I mean?! Maya sits up pretty well on her own, and loves sitting on the sofa (supervised with cushions around her of course) reaching out for toys and whatever she can find.

Speaking of her size, Maya weighs just over 7 kg at the moment and is a relatively small baby, especially when thinking about how big she was when she was born (4,2 kg)! But breastfed babies are often smaller I guess – and it’s nice that’s she’s still such a light little package to carry around. She’s got two little teeth, she takes the dummy but isn’t obsessed with it and started babbling a couple of weeks ago. She’s tried mashed banana and fruit/veggie purees a few times, and she seems to like solids a lot more than Lana did and hasn’t gagged or thrown up once, so I got high hopes!

We’re rubbish when it comes to sticking to a strict bedtime, and Maya still doesn’t have one…She goes to bed between 9pm and 11pm usually and wakes up a couple of times for a feed and then usually wakes up between 8am and 9am. She’ll wake me up more than twice though, but the dummy will usually get her back to sleep right away. She has no set daytime naps either, but usually she’ll need a nap a couple of hours after getting up and then she’ll nap twice more, randomly. We really need to get a routine going just so we can get more time to ourselves in the evening and so that her daytime naps would be a bit more predictable.

I love that Maya has brown eyes. I’ve always wanted brown eyes myself, and I know she might not even care about it when she gets older – I’m just living out my dreams through her haha. I just read online as well that having a dimple on just one side is quite rare – not sure if that’s accurate though! Oh and that hair that is the first thing most people notice <3 I’ve thought about cutting it but can’t bring myself to do it as I feel it’s something that makes her who she is. And who knows, maybe it’ll be fashionable at some point?!…

I know not everybody wants children and I totally get that – but secretly I wonder if there are people who still wouldn’t want kids if they knew how wonderful it is? If they could experience it and then decide? Not knowing what you’re missing out on obviously makes things a lot easier. I don’t know, my mind just struggles to understand, but perhaps I’m being ignorant!

Today was also the closing date for our flat and we got an impressive 10 offers and we’ve verbally accepted the best one. We’re chuffed! But obviously there’s still a fairly long way to go before we’ve finalised everything – and as it stands we don’t know when we’ll be able to move as we might have to be here to sign some papers at some point. We might move and then come back to sign the papers, we’ll see!

I put Maya to bed at 9pm and now she’s awake again, 40 minutes later…She is so happy and smiley though that I don’t mind my me-time being interrupted!

x Nina x

PS. I was told that my pet name for Maya, “maialina”, means little female pig in Italian 😀