Maya’s First Christmas

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Once again Christmas came and went so, so quickly. This Christmas was the first in 30 something years where my dad didn’t have to cook – instead we celebrated in my twin brother’s new house that he built with his own bare hands. This Christmas was also the first in many, many years where Santa decided to come visit – and seeing the excitement (or fear) of the little ones brought back memories from when I was a kid myself. 

Lana couldn’t wait to get into her Santa dress – that she, to be fair, has been wearing for weeks already.

“Mamma, who is this guy holding me??” The best Christmas gift arrived in the form of pappa at 1am the night before.

After taking some Christmassy family photos (or trying to) we sat down to have the traditional Christmas rice porridge.

Only part of the family attended this year.

My dad always makes a plum “soup” to go with the rice porridge. This year there were two dishes of porridge with one almond each – and Matthew got both of them! That means he’ll either have to do the dishes or get married. He hasn’t followed through on either one of these things…

After breakfast/lunch I made Karelian pasties for the evening – and as usual Lana wanted to help. Her way of helping was naturally to eat the dough.

Just before 5pm we arrived at my brother’s house where his wife had been working hard all day to ensure we could enjoy a fabulous Christmas dinner.

Love the layout of the living area – and that huge kitchen island makes me green with envy!

The starter is served!

And the main meal consisting of the traditional Christmas ham, a vegetarian nut roast made by me and sweet potato, pumpkin and swede casseroles. And roasted beetroot with goat’s cheese. Yum.

Maya was taking it easy by sleeping through the whole meal. So cute that one of the kids had put that little lion fella next to her so she wouldn’t be lonely <3 Or at least that’s my interpretation haha.

These two were waiting impatiently for Santa and hardly managed to eat anything. Every time we go around Lana finds that monkey and just wears it as a necklace haha.

When Santa finally knocked on the door Max bravely greeted him and even tried to take the bag with the presents from him, whereas Lana panicked and ran as quickly as she could to the teepee in Max’s room from where I had to drag her out. So funny to see the completely different approaches!

The man of the house agreed to dress up as Santa and we were all impressed by how well he played the role – good to know that if his current career doesn’t work out there’s always that path to pursue.

After coffee and cake we sat down to play the new edition of Trivial Pursuit. Needless to say Matthew and I won 😉 It was closer to 11pm when we gathered the presents and got in the car and went back home. Maya’s first Christmas was a great one, even though she spent most of it asleep. Luckily we’ll have this blog post and photos to remember it by.

I haven’t had to energy to even start thinking about New Year’s Eve, so if someone has any ideas let me know!

x Nina x