Meet Suzy Snooze of the BleepBleeps Family

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suzy snooze smart nightlight

Let me introduce you to someone. It’s a wee orange lassie who’s been helping out with the kids lately. Her name is Suzy Snooze and she’s a part of the very stylish and colourful BleepBleeps family. 

Suzy is 3 things in 1, she’s a:

  • Smart Nightlight
  • Sleep Soother
  • Baby Monitor

To be honest I didn’t even realise how smart and advanced the whole baby gadget market has become, so I’ve been very impressed with what Suzy does and enjoyed playing around with her functions. We don’t own a nighlight, a sleep soother nor a baby monitor, so Suzy’s been a very welcome addition to our family. Let’s take a closer look at how this beautifully designed electronic device works!

See that pineapple in the background? That’s a nightlight I bought for Lana that stopped working within a week. Suzy plugs into the wall and connects to your WiFi, so no batteries needed.

The packaging is of very high quality (I love good packaging!) as is the device itself. You can tell that it’s been very carefully designed and produced.

Did you know that blue and white light is a stimulant that actually boosts attention? Red and orange are the best colours for a nightlight – hence the colour of Suzy is orange. She comes with adapter plug heads for the UK, EU and US, which I find pretty awesome!

Let’s go to bed.

You just push Suzy’s magic hat down and she starts playing the most relaxing music with a hypnotising “light show” for about 10 minutes I think. I you need more soothing just press down the hat again and Suzy starts singing all over again. Once the soothing stage has worked and your baby is asleep Suzy becomes a nightlight. In the morning the hat rises and lets you know it’s time to get up.

Let’s use the app.

To use all of Suzy’s functions you need to download the free BleepBleeps app. It’s really cool how you can pull down the hat on your phone and watch it happening in real life! If you press that little round button at the bottom right in the first photo Suzy becomes an audio baby monitor and you can listen in on your baby through your smartphone.

The app is really simple to use, no extra buttons or complicated tasks. You just choose how bright and loud you want Suzy to be and set the time you want her to get up in the morning. You can also adjust the brightness by turning the hat and the volume through pressing the buttons underneath Suzy. I was being a bit optimistic thinking Lana and Maya would sleep until 9am haha. 8am works better! I really need to start getting Maya into a routine and get her up the same time every morning…

The verdict?

I love that Suzy comes with three functions in one, which justifies the rather dear price tag (it retails for £179). I also love the gorgeously sleek design and the soothing music that really de-stresses me as well! I’ve had Suzy in both our bedroom where Maya sleeps and in Lana’s room. Not sure if Maya who’s 4 months responds to the music that much yet – think I need to use it for longer for her to start associating it with sleep. Lana who just turned 3 really enjoys the relaxing music and it even seems to make her fall asleep faster.

The only issue for us at the moment is the fact that the baby monitor requires WiFi – and the WiFi in our bedrooms has been acting up lately. Need to try and get in touch with SKY again…The Scandinavian in me would love it if Suzy was grey – but there is a reason for the orange colour so it’s fine and has grown on me already.

All in all a great product that makes a perfect gift to a new baby, toddler or even an older child. Now if someone could just come up with a device that warns me before my baby is sick all over me that would be great!

x Nina x