Meltmongers – Edinburgh’s Fast Food Newcomer

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There’s a new shop in town I want to tell you about – and not only because it’s Matthew’s sister’s boyfriend’s new venture, but because I like everything about it. To be honest I’m not really into fast food and takeaways, but the toasties or melts by Meltmongers is just up my street!

The shop is located in Bruntsfield right by the main road. They sell gooey, cheesy melts as well as sweet melts that I’m yet to try – plus coffee and soft drinks. If you’re watching your waistline it’s definitely not for you though!

Last Saturday we finally got to check out the place and stuff our faces. And take tons of photos of course.


I really like the logo and the colours – very classy don’t you think?


As I mentioned the shop is right on the main road leading into Morningside.


There are a few seats so that you can enjoy your grub in the shop, but guessing a fair deal of customers will get a take away. Lana’s chilling with the owner’s dad 🙂


The place is very airy, which I like. And the floors are so pretty and shiny – perfect for Lana to run around on 🙂


There are a couple of window seats too so that you can sit and watch the never-ending rain…


Two young friends having a bite to eat on a Saturday 🙂


Such a lovely blue colour on the tiles!


The menu is short but sweet (and supercheesy).


First we tried the coffees, which were very nice. I think they might’ve put something else in my coffee too judging by my drunken pointing haha.


Matthew’s lovely sistah helping out.


Finally time to order some food!


Lana doing her “resting bitch face” 🙂


Our melts arrive: I ordered the classic and Matthew went for the grilled chicken melt. Matthew was extremely hungry and kept trying to grab his toastie – but he had to endure a few Instagram husband moments first…


I’d say this is the ultimate comfort food – so simple yet so good!


Finally, after around 50 shots we get to tuck in – I was starving too!


You can also wash down your melt with one of these fair trade organic lemonades.


Lana enjoyed the company of a couple of other little

Some peace and quiet after the lunch rush.


But then miss Lana got tired so we had to head home.

If you’ve got the chance and you’re hungry, I warmly recommend you give Meltmongers a try!

x Nina x