Monday Mornings

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The past two weeks have been pretty draining since we’ve all been ill. Or well, as usual I’ve only had a slight cold and have continued just as normal. The girls, however, have both been home from nursery for a week each – two separate weeks of course. Last week Matthew also got pretty ill and basically thought he was going to die. As usual.

So I’ve had both girls home and a dying husband to look after in addition to everything else. I feel like I haven’t sat down for two weeks, and this morning after I had excitedly driven both girls to nursery I just got stuck in front of YouTube mindlessly watching vlogs even though I had a long to do-list. It felt like I was being lazy for ages but in reality it was just a couple of hours. But I needed those two hours! I even played with the thought of just doing nothing all day, but then the coffee I had took effect and I actually needed to go into town to get my poor phone fixed.

If you’ve ever wondered what your phone looks like beneath the screen then take a look at this photo.

First thing I did this morning was to drop my phone on the tiles in our utility room so that the screen cracked so much that you could actually see inside it. To be fair the screen has been cracked since last May when Maya threw it on the ground – and since then it’s cracked more and more whenever I’ve dropped it…So I took it to the repair shop, but the guy there said it’s no point repairing it and paying almost 200 euros – plus he said the phone itself was somehow twisted. From there I went and bought a new phone, just like that. So now I have a new phone for the first time since 2011! That’s when I got my first smartphone, a beautiful white iPhone 4S, which was snatched from my hand right outside my job in London a month later. (Luckily I had insurance!) Since then I’ve always happily inherited Matthew’s old phones, but I have to say that it’s incredibly nice to have a phone that isn’t painfully slow and constantly running out of space. And one with face recognition! Which means I don’t have to type in my passcode or even use my fingerprint – I just LOOK at my phone. Amazing stuff! And to transfer everything from my old phone to my new one I just had to put them next to each other and they just sorted out everything between them! I was in awe. Ok, enough with boring phone talk haha!

My new phone has this portrait-effect that makes the background blurry. Me like.
New wall in the bedroom. Now three walls are this colour and one the terracotta colour you can see in the first image.
And this is what our bedroom really looks like haha.
Bought a three meter wide round rug for the living room – and even that looks small. That’s how big the space is! (Still planning on getting new floors and painting the whole room grey – plus putting up shelves and paintings etc. And more plants, obviously.)

Anyway, I still managed to have time to do our weekly shop, go for a run and paint the last wall in our bedroom – so I didn’t waste the whole day. Now our bedroom has three dark blue/greyish walls and one terracotta wall. I think I need a break from painting now! I really need to work on getting a job too, and I feel that with a lot of the painting done I’ll be able to focus better. To do the digital marketing course I’ve been talking about I need to find a company to sponsor me before the beginning of December, but if that doesn’t happen I’ll just study on my own and look for a job at the same time. Maybe do another nutrition course too. I’m trying not to stress about it as things usually tend to work out!

Cheers to the best pappa in the world!
And the best Isi in the world!

Yesterday it was Father’s day here in Finland. We had brunch at home, then lunch in town and dinner at my parents’ house. Or Matthew stayed at home for dinner to rest – and paint. He’s painted a small canvas but is not happy with it, saying it’s way harder than you would think. I’d love to try too! It’s great he wants to paint but I just hope he doesn’t give up his day job quite yet…

Time to go watch David Attenborough’s latest series; ‘Seven Worlds’. (He’s 93 years old!) Have a great week people!

x Nina x

PS. Maya was just having a tantrum because Lana opened her smoothie instead of me. Earlier she had a massive tantrum because I put her in the car to go home from nursery. Just before bed she had a tantrum because I brushed her teeth. Mondays. Toddlers.

PPS. Watched a really good film called “Call me by your name”, which had an amazing soundtrack – I especially liked an artist named Sufjan Stevens. Check him out!