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I finally got access to the professional wedding photos from my second oldest brother’s wedding last August, so thought I’d share them here as well as the photos I’ve shared before weren’t that comprehensive and didn’t really do the wedding justice. So be prepared for a bunch of photos from a Finnish summer wedding!


I managed to keep my nephew calm throughout the ceremony, but my niece had a little cry when she realised that her mum’s and dad’s families weren’t sitting on the same side. Cutie.


She calmed down pretty soon, just in time for the ceremony.


The groom waiting at the altar with the best men.


A very solemn moment, no going back now!


Hmm, the ring seems to have shrunk a little bit 🙂


They were married in stunning Porvoo Cathedral that was built in the 15th century, although the oldest parts date from the 13th century.



The newly married were taken away in this beauty for a private photo shoot before joining the guests at the wedding venue. Cars don’t usually do much for me, but must say that this green masterpiece caught my eye (although I don’t even know the make…)


And here they’re arriving at the wedding venue. Unfortunately the weather went from comfortably warm to freezing with a shower or two – but it didn’t matter as we were mostly indoors anyway.


The food was nice, a very traditional Finnish summer wedding menu I’d say.


The first toast to the new Mr & Mrs Äikäs, skål!


My niece and nephew were picked up by a babysitter after a couple of hours – just in time for their bedtime.


Walking down to the sea for a group photo shoot – luckily the weather was already better!


The bridesmaids and bestmen were so nicely coordinated. Purple was a theme throughout the wedding.


And the guests got to join in too.


Mmm, that cake was so nice…


Finnish weddings often include all sorts of fun games, and so did this one. Here the bride needs to figure out who her husband is while being blindfolded.


Out of all the guys it was my two brothers who were the last ones standing – guess they must have something in common! In the end the bride managed to pick the right brother 🙂


And the wedding dance that I know my brother was pretty nervous about…But it all went well 🙂

0376o_kuvaStudiolindell (1)

As you can tell from our faces, we are painfully aware of the fact that the photographer is taking a photo of us…Glad he didn’t get a photo from when I was trying to teach Matthew how simple the waltz steps are. (We were absolutely rubbish and gave up pretty quickly.)


And when we weren’t aware of the photographer you can catch me singing? and looking ridiculous.


Or laughing at a stupid joke Matthew made.


Love this photo of my younger brother and his fiancee – they look so much more gracious than Matthew and I did.  🙂


My twin brother and his wife also gave ballroom dancing a go – and I suspect they also did a way better job than we did.


A local band joined us for a couple of hours too.


My brother is looking for something…


Found it! Let’s see who’s going to get married next…


Looks like these things actually work as my brother who just got engaged caught the suspender. Hmm, doesn’t look like Matthew was even trying…:)


I caught the bridal bouquet last year at my twin brother’s wedding (or it actually hit me right in the face) so wasn’t really going for it here as I was afraid to get hurt again…


The longer the band played the more people came out of their shells and gave the dance floor a go.


The Äikäs ladies trying to pose 🙂 It’s nice to have some girls of the same age (ok, maybe a bit younger, but still) in the family having grown up with 5 brothers and only male cousins!

0486o kuvaStudioLindell

A taster from the private photo shoot. The dark sky really works in these shots me thinks!

0488o kuvaStudioLindell

We were quite tired after a long day, so we left right after midnight – but the party went on until the wee hours! Thank you once again for a lovely wedding!

x Nina x