My Baby Is 9 Months Old!

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We’ve reached another milestone: Lana’s now been on this earth the same amount of time she spent in my womb. Although it feels like she’s been here for a lot longer than that! She’s still such a sunny little character who keeps surprising us every day. 


At 9 months Lana is starting to get a bit more suspicious towards strangers, and it takes a few moments longer before she decides whether someone deserves a smile or not. She’s still reaching out to people when we’re out and about though – as long at it’s on her own terms. With us she’s all smiles from morning to evening, and never in my life have I laughed as much as during the past months. (Not good for my crow’s feet…)


We’re still working on weaning, and at the moment Lana eats all kinds of smooth fruit purees, porridge and most finger foods I give her. She’s still not a fan of spoon feeding, but we do manage to feed her her evening porridge with a spoon most days. It also seems like she doesn’t like strong flavours much. Breast milk she’ll still never say no to though. And the other day I caught her trying to eat her own spit-up from the floor. Go figure.


Lana’s  number one favourite “toys” are without question the fridge magnets. Several times a day she’ll crawl over and pick them off the fridge and examine them. And whilst she’s in the kitchen she’ll definitely pull herself up against the shiny oven to catch a glimpse of her own wee face. She also loves any type of peekaboo game, and she’s developed her own little game where she pushes my face out of her sight and then leans forward so that I can see her. Hard to explain but she loves it. She’s showing more interest in books too – those touchy feely ones that we read together. And she’s over the moon if she gets her hands on my set of home keys.


She’s also almost worryingly interested in the TV when it’s on, so we try to keep TV-watching down to a minimum when she’s awake. Apart from Swedish YouTube children’s nursery rhymes that we watch together every now and then. And the Moomins in Swedish of course to develop her language. Oh and she’s obsessed with our phones too – it’s like she already understands the whole swiping thing!

Lana’s very interested in other babies and children – it’s like she understands that even a child as old as 10-years is still a child and different from adults. I bet she would love nursery where she’d get to be a social butterfly all day long! When she was younger I believed that the best place for her is definitely with me until she’s 2 years or something, but I’m now realising that she’s her own little personality that would thrive from interaction with other kids.


Lana’s always been early in her physical development, so I won’t be too surprised when she starts walking for example. Instead I’m more eager to hear her say her first word and start understanding what we say or mean. And it’s actually happening right now; she learned to wave and clap her hands just a week or so ago! And only a few days later she now waves when I say “hey hey” and claps her hands when I say “klappa händerna” – without me showing her what to do! She even claps her hands when Matthew says it in Swedish haha. And the other day she started putting my phone to her ear (or trying to) when I say “hallå”. It’s so amazing to be able to communicate with her on a completely new level!

It’s also fun to see that she’s starting to understand what you’re supposed to do with different objects, such as shaking toys that make a noise, putting the phone to her ear, brushing her hair with the brush, trying to stack legos, drinking from a bottle etc. It just looks so endearing when she’s trying to do her best but doesn’t quite get there haha. She’s getting so much more out of her toys now too when she can better use them.


Our nights are still quite restless with Lana waking up around 5 times per night. It is better though as she now often sleeps uninterrupted from 8pm when we put her down to 1am, 2am or even 3am. I refuse to feed her before 3am, but do feed her after that as she does genuinely seem hungry. I often also feed her once more around 6am to get a couple of hours more sleep, but will try and cut the feed out when I’m feeling better. Many keep saying her restlessness might be her teething – but what baby is teething for 4-5 months straight with no teeth to show for (apart from the two she already had)?


We are very lucky as Lana is generally a very happy baby. Obviously she does cry too, but never for long and pretty much only if she’s hungry or tired. Or falls and hurts herself of course – luckily that doesn’t happen as often anymore. Although that will probably change once she starts walking…

So that’s our little girl now, will be back with an update in a couple of months’ time or so!

x Nina x