My Best Travel Tip

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Copenhagen skyline

This might be something everybody already knows about, but thought I’d share this advice anyway as it’s been extremely useful on my last few trips. 

Something you need when you’re in a new place is a map right? And although you can get a physical map in paper format they’re not that readily available anymore and they won’t tell you where you are when you’re out and about. Google Maps does – if you download an offline area map (provided your smartphone doesn’t work abroad or you don’t want to receive huge phone bills).

worldmapSo to have access to a map of the city you’re in and for that map to tell you where you are even without being connected to WiFi you just have to go to Google Maps (when you’re online) and search for the city you’re going to. Once you’ve chosen your area you just click on the upper left hand corner icon and choose “offline areas”. Then click on “custom area” to zoom in and crop the area you’ll be visiting and then just click on “download”. Simple as!

When you’re on your trip and exploring the city all you need to do is open Google Maps and use it as you normally would – even if you’re not connected to the Internet. You can even search for places, very useful!

Tomorrow I’m travelling aaall the way to Glasgow (again), this time to follow the mural trail with a couple of friends. I’ve already seen a few of them on my last Glasgow trip so I know we’re in for a treat. More on the blog next week!

x Nina x