My Long Birthday Weekend

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Hi all!

My birthday week is now over, and must say it’s been a good one although I wasn’t too keen to celebrate it. As I still had a couple of holidays left at work I decided to take Friday off and finally book an appointment to the hairdressers. After a two-hour session I was very blond again and felt like a new person. Afterwards I did some Christmas shopping (for once I’m starting early) and got a few bits and pieces for the baby too. In the evening Matthew took me to a small Italian restaurant called Asti for my birthday dinner. I had really been looking forward to the tiramisu, but was told it wasn’t safe for pregnant women so had to go for the brownie instead – which wasn’t too bad after all…:)


On Saturday I was treated to a lovely birthday lunch by a friend at the legendary Henderson’s Vegetarian Restaurant that’s been around since 1962. If you’re in Edinburgh and looking for a vegetarian place to eat, this is where you should go. There are two restaurants, both right in the city centre. They’ve got a buffet of salads, but also lots of warm options and delicious cakes. The restaurant is always packed, so it’s a very popular place although there’s no meat or fish on the menu!

henderson's restaurant edinburgh

After the lunch and catching up with my friend I went home for a wee lie-down on the sofa before heading out for the evening. Our South African friends had invited us to their place for another exquisite vegetarian meal. There was aubergine with a yoghurt dressing and pomegranate, roasted sweet potato with figs and blue cheese and beetroot patties as well as a cake to finish the meal off. We were both very impressed with the dinner and will definitely be trying out the recipes! All in all a great evening of catching up with friends – we should do it more often!

On Sunday we did our usual gym routine, planned our meals for the week and then did a big shop. I also prepared a massive quinoa-bulgur-sweet potato-soya bean-beetroot-parsley-pine nut-dried cranberry-salad that we both will be having for lunch a few days this week. Turned out pretty well, but still have to work on the dressing to get more flavour into the whole thing…


Yesterday we had some friends over for dinner, so we made a big batch of vegetarian risotto with a salad – I realise now that it’s been a very vegetarian few days and Matthew hasn’t even complained! My master plan of turning Matthew into a veggie is working…;)

Lately I’ve been a bit cautious about making too many plans as I’ve been afraid of getting too tired or uncomfortable, so I’m glad to see that I still have enough energy to socialise and do things. Hope I’ll get to hold on to this energy when I’m entering the third trimester next week…

x Nina x

PS. I’ve discovered that I can watch Finnish TV online! I couldn’t before when I was using Matthew’s old laptop, but it seems to be working now with my new laptop that was bought in Finland – happy days! Now I can stay up to date with what’s going on in the Finnish TV world and make sure the baby hears some Finnish through the belly too 🙂