My Christmas in Pictures

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It always feels a bit absurd how quickly Christmas is over considering how much time you spend preparing for it. It’s a bit sad almost, but luckily there is always next year! This year we spent Christmas here in Scotland, so it was my second British Christmas. Keep scrolling to see how our Chrimbo turned out!

On Christmas Eve we were invited to have lunch at my boss’ house – their living room was full of Christmas hygge!

We got to enjoy a wonderful Scandi Christmas meal with ham and everything (although I obviously didn’t try it) that made it feel a lot more like Christmas for me. Lana got along well with my boss’ 6 and 4 year old sons as well.

On the way home we still popped into John Lewis to get the last Christmas present and once home I put Lana to bed so that I could sit down with my Christmas present from my boss “How to Hygge” – and I think I got it just right with candles, an open fire and a cup of hot glögg!

On Christmas Day morning I made some Christmas porridge Finnish style.

As we were having Christmas in our new flat Matthew started preparing for the lunch and I started tidying up. The turkey looks a lot smaller in the photo than what it really was though!

Not very vegetarian-friendly :/

My favourite part was to dress the table, but I feel like I didn’t have enough time to think it through properly…

I was quite pleased with my simple creation anyway! I even put a nail in the wall so I could hang my wreath above the table.

I picked those pine cones and twigs in the Botanic Garden a few days earlier – such a cheap (free) and fun way of decorating the table me thinks.

At the other end of the table is my grandmother’s candle holders, so in a way she was there as well.

This is the last photo, promise. Finland was represented well at the table as apart from me also the wine glasses, water glasses, candle holders and plates were Finnish design 🙂

The guests, aka Matthew’s parents, two brothers and sister arrived around 2pm.

Lana got to open a few presents before lunch. She doesn’t quite understand the concept of gifts yet but I have a feeling she will have picked it up by the end of the holiday season…

Lana insisted on decorating Pop.

The starter was light and very simple: melon, figs, halloumi and parma ham with a vinaigrette.

Some cracker pulling going on here. Inside the cracker you’ll find paper crowns, little gifts, jokes etc. Basically stuff you’ll throw away the next day!

Time to tuck in, cheers!

Had to get Lana in the photo as well 🙂

Matthew was a very organised (and slightly stressed) chef who churned out the most amazing Christmas Day meal. On my plate there wasn’t any turkey though, but the most delicious vegan nut roast that Matthew’s brother had made, yum. There was also roasted potatoes and carrots, a brussel sprout, almond and cranberry salad, stuffing, bread sauce (that I forgot to try) and veggie gravy as well as homemade gravy made by turkey juices. All in all it was a success!

My wee angel <3

For dessert there was trifle that Matthew’s sister made, cupcakes, gingerbread cookies and “star” tarts by me. Plenty to choose from!

After the meal it was time to play a game Matthew had bought called “Speak Out”. It is very simple: you put one of those dentist’s things in your mouth and try to pronounce sentences that the others need to guess. Obviously these sentences are made up of words that you need your lips in order to say, so there’s a lot of repeating going on!

But it’s pretty damn funny watching people trying to get understood.

Thos dentist’s things weren’t very comfortable so we left it at one round and moved on to opening gifts. Lana got two train sets that luckily married well together and that she was enthralled by for ages.

Pop was very keen to “help” Lana as well.

Without me noticing Matthew had managed to take this beautiful photo of me – had no idea I even make a face like that!

After hours of socialising, eating and playing Lana snuggled up with auntie JoJo for some YouTube fun.

The guests left around 9pm and we put a tired Lana to bed and opened up a bottle of Prosecco that we enjoyed in front of the fire (and TV).

On Boxing Day Matthew’s sister took Lana for a few hours and we had a long lunch at Ecco Vino on Cockburn Street. My Melanzane Parmigiana (aubergine lasagna) was nice but very filling!

Yesterday we had a plane to Helsinki to catch at 9.50am. I caught Matthew taking a photo – because according to him the girl in the back is wearing the same coat…It was nowhere near the same! (Men!)

For the first time we got to enjoy Finnair’s straight flight between Edinburgh and Helsinki – it was all very nice with roomier seats, blueberry juice and Marimekko napkins. Class all the way 🙂

I bought a tiny tea set for Lana to play with during the flight, so Little My and the rest of us had quite a few mini-teas during the flight.

My mum and dad met us at the airport, and when Lana spotted them she yelled “mommo” and started running towards my mum to hug her, but just before she reached her she stumbled and fell – and got incredibly embarrassed as there where so many people at the gate watching this beautiful, endearing encounter that just didn’t turn out the way it should have! She got over it pretty quickly though and took to my parents straight away without any signs of shyness, which was nice. Ever since we arrived Lana’s been exploring my parents’ house and just generally been in an amazing mood – it really seems like she remembers being here before!

Now we’ve got almost two weeks of chilling ahead of us, looking forward to that!

x Nina x