My Doomoo is Here!

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today it finally arrived, my new doomoo pregnancy pillow! It’s superlight, completely mouldable with a removable cover, and you can use it for getting comfy when sleeping, breastfeeding and to put the baby on. There are loads of different pillows out there, but this one was recommended by a few friends, so decided not to risk it.

After an evening of snuggling on the sofa and our first night together I must say I’m really happy with it. Matthew on the other hand wasn’t too excited about this intruder in our bed, which he made very clear. But guess who I found snuggling up with my new buddy this morning after I had gotten up earlier? It’s just irresistible! 😀


I’m in my 24th week now, and my belly is getting bigger very quickly. I’m starting to find it a bit tricky to put my shoes on and more and more difficult to get up from bed, but otherwise I’m feeling pretty normal and energetic and manage to go to the gym 3 times a week without problem. I’m not sleeping very well though, and that is because of my constantly blocked  nose – which is common when pregnant, but aargh so annoying when there is no effective help out there! I’ve got a saline nasal spray that doesn’t do much for me and will try and start inhaling steam as I was recommended so by a GP, but doubt it will help…I hope my midwife can recommend something on my next appointment this Friday.


I try to go for a walk every lunch break to get the blood flowing, which I don’t mind at all on sunny autumn days like today. Autumn has always been my favourite season, the atmosphere is just different and so solemn somehow.

On Monday it’ll be exactly 2 months left till I go on maternity leave and fly to Finland for Christmas and New Year, can’t believe it. And after that there’s not much to go!

That’s all for now, will go and get my buddy and snuggle up on the sofa while Matthew is cooking dinner…

x Nina x