My First Christmas Cake

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I wanted to contribute to the Christmas meal someway, and as I’ve managed to bake decent things in the past I decided to give baking a Christmas cake a go – although Matthew was afraid I would ruin Christmas. (Btw, a Christmas cake is a fruitcake coated with marzipan and icing and decorated according to taste.) Ideally you would make it 2-3 months before Christmas, and keep soaking it with brandy every week, but I just made it a week before and it was fine.


Here are the ingredients, consisting of not much more than sugar and dried fruits. (It would’ve been so much cheaper to just buy a cake, but at least I’ve tried it now!)


As you can see it’s mostly just different types of sultanas, glazed cherries, mixed peel and chopped almonds. (Plus flour, eggs, butter and brown sugar.)


A very thick, substantial mixture.


It got a little burnt on the top…I blame it on our oven. (Tried to cut the black bits off, so really hope it doesn’t taste burnt.)


I covered the cake with a layer of marzipan a week before the actual icing – to allow the marzipan to dry so it wouldn’t spoil the appearance of the finished cake.


Tadaa, here is the finished cake. In hindsight I shouldn’t have scribbled anything on the cake – it looks like a 5-year old did it. But everyone seemed to like it and even have second helpings, so I guess it was quite a success! (And it didn’t even taste burnt.)

It can seem like quite a daunting task to bake a Christmas cake when you see the recipe, but I was actually surprised at how simple it was in the end. Find the recipe here. 

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