My Granny’s Clothes

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Ciao a tutti!

Hope you’re all having as nice a Sunday as I am. The sun has been shining all day for a change, and I feel very energetic as I’ve been to the gym and then climbed Arthur’s seat, followed by a super healthy quinoa-black bean-salmon salad for lunch. Slightly better than the hangover yesterday…

I took Matthew to a really nice, authentic Korean restaurant on Valentine’s day, followed by drinks (one too many me thinks) at this new bar I came across that I really like – but will try to do a separate post about that later this week.

This post will be a tribute to my granny and her sense of style. She will be 101 in April, so she is a bit of a supergranny. She’s always been really strong and stubborn, which is probably why she’s a 100 years old! She’s also a bit of a bargain hunter/hoarder who doesn’t like to throw anything away and would never waste any food at all. She’s lived through two wars, so one can understand where she’s coming from. Her cupboards and closets used to be full of clothes, bags and shoes, that she never wore or stopped wearing the older she got – and at some point during my early twenties I discovered what a goldmine it was.

I’ve been wearing my granny’s clothes for a decade at least, and they’re still in good shape – not like the clothes you buy today! So here’s a few pieces of clothing that I’ve been wearing for years and still am wearing all the time. I’ve also included other second hand pieces I really love.


This shirt goes with everything – but unfortunately it shrank a little in the wash (I’m pretty good at shrinking clothes) but I still wear it!


That blue skirt used to be a lot longer when it belonged to my granny…:) I love the colour and the quality. The shirt I picked up in a charity shop for just a couple of pounds and that grey cardigan from Monki is an all time favourite that I’m sure people are sick of seeing me wear!


I think this top might be hand made. I’ve had to make it a little smaller for a better fit, and I really like the delicate, vintage lace.


This is me as a bridesmaid for a good friend, wearing my granny’s dress! It comes with a jacket too, and it is hand-sewn. I had it shortened and taken in a little bit. I really like the subtle pattern and the colours. (The necklace is also my granny’s.)


Couldn’t resist including a photo of the bride and all the bridesmaids – how gorgeous aren’t these chicks?! (The bride is actually also wearing a necklace that used to belong to my grandmother and now to my mother.)


This cardigan I got at the flea market at the Drill Hall for just a fiver. It’s handmade and a 100% wool. It’s a bit different but I like that (Matthew is not a fan though).


Also a find at the Drill Hall – think I paid about 3 pounds.


This fake fur has been a lifesaver. I bought it in a vintage shop just off Brick Lane in East London last winter.

My three favourite belts, all from a second hand shop.


And here she is. You wouldn’t think she’s 98 in this photo, would you?! (Let’s hope I’ve got her genes.)

x Nina x