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Happy Monday!

This post will be all about food. More precisely: about the food I eat. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing what other people eat – out of curiosity, but also to get new ideas for my own meals. I love TV shows about nutrition and that show how people eat, such as Supersize vs. Superskinny and Food Hospital…Which I have to watch on my own as Matthew refuses to watch them. (Why I don’t understand.) Anyone else who’s as nosey as I am? 🙂

I’m trying to eat a balanced and healthy pescatarian diet and always include loads of veggies in my meals. But I’m no saint and do sometimes have less healthy foods, such as pizza. (Sweet stuff is my weakness, love pretty much anything that is full of sugar – but try hard to stay away from it.) I don’t like takeaways, maybe because I don’t think I even had one before I was in my twenties and hence never got used to that greasy taste. We don’t really have a takeaway culture in Finland like we do here in the UK, although unfortunately I think this is changing.

Anyway, if you have no interest in what I or anyone else eats it’s time to stop reading now. I often take photos of my meals, with the intention of posting them on Instagram – but then decide they don’t look good enough to go on there. So I have all these photos of food I didn’t know what to do with – until now! Here you go 🙂 (Apologise for the very unsophisticated amateur photos that might put you off your own dinner.)


We have roasted veg all the time. So easy and so nice. This is parsnips, beetroot and carrots.


Lightly self-battered haddock with asparagus and oven roasted aubergine (one of my favourite foods if cooked well) with parsley, garlic and feta.

Sea bass and scallops

Sea bass and scallops with asparagus and roasted sweet potato.


Soy, onion and chickpea “sauce” with roasted veg, kale and  a cheeky baby bell.


Quorn fillets with roasted asparagus and garlic with a puy lentil, carrot and onion stew topped with feta.


This is a shop bought Sainsbury’s nut roast (it’s actually really nice) with a barley mix with beetroot, pine nuts and peppers, accompanied with a rocket, orange and mozzarella salad.


The same puy lentil stew.


Ricotta quiche with courgettes and pine nuts (can’t get enough of pine nuts) and a peach, pepper, tomato and feta salad.


A quinoa, pepper, cucumber, tomato and feta (I put feta in everything haha) salad with avocado and broccoli. (We have broccoli all the time.)


A shop bought quorn escalope (that I don’t really eat anymore – the list of ingredients was way to long) with herb-crusted courgettes and a simple salad.

courgette pesto

Lasagna sheets broken into pieces with homemade pesto and roasted aubergine.


Lemon and onion quorn fillets with pea rice (we usually have brown rice), avocado and broccoli.

photo (1)

And the compulsory haggis (veggie) with stuffing, tatties and roast veg.

photo (1)

And tonight’s meal (I tried to make it pretty just for you) – a puy lentil, carrot and cauliflower stew with quorn fillets, feta (of course) and tomatoes.


Dessert time! My first (and probably last – it’s just too rich) attempt at a banoffee pie.


Lemon custard pie with meringue.

Bet you’re hungry now, huh? 😉 If anyone has any yummy vegetarian or fish recipes, please do share! I feel like I need to vary the ingredients I eat more, as it’s so easy to get stuck into cooking the same stuff all the time. And if anyone wants the recipe for any of these foods, let me know and I’ll try to find it (or make it up).

Can’t resist including a link to Cookingforbae – an Instagram profile dedicated to pictures of meals that look disgusting or just went terribly wrong. (Check it out and you’ll think my food is Masterchef-class!)

Have a great week and remember to eat well 🙂

x Nina x