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My New Job

I’ve now been a working mum for a full week, which actually means just two days per week as I’m employed part-time. Although to be honest I’ve been working a lot more than that in order to get on top of everything – I’m sure you know what it’s like with a new job! 

I’m the Social Media Manager and Content Writer for Dickins Edinburgh – a company that lets peoples’ homes to Edinburgh visitors. They started renting out homes during the festival way back in 1998, but now it’s all year round. The office is just a 5-minute walk from home, which I really appreciate.

So far I’m really enjoying work and haven’t even had time to worry about Lana. Not that I need to worry, she’s well taken care of by Matthew’s parents. Still no signs of separation anxiety either, she just laughs and waves goodbye when they pick her up in the morning! I have to admit that it’s pretty amazing to be able to sit down for a whole day without having a wee person demanding your attention non-stop, but at the same time I do miss my little frog!

Although I’ve only worked for one week I can already understand the feeling of guilt about not being there for your child that so many mothers struggle with. Don’t know how mums who work full-time do it…I respect them even more now! Don’t think I could manage more than two days per week at the moment, I’m way too dependent on Lana haha.

Anyway, I’ve included some photos of some of the homes in Edinburgh that Dickins rent out. Have to say this new job gives me a serious case of flat envy – not good when you’re wanting to buy a place yourself and can’t afford anything nearly as nice as these gorgeous homes! (I’ve picked out the ones I like the most, not all flats are this luxurious btw!)

royal-terrace-sittingroom-Dickins East-Claremont-dickins east-claremont-street-dickins rock-house-dickins-edinburgh rock-house-apartment-dickins indiastreet-dickins-edinburgh redsofa gayfield-square-dickins albany-street-dickinsindiastreetedinburghdickins india-street-dickins-edinburgh loftapartment simpsonloan

What do you think? Which one is your favourite? 🙂

Time to watch an episode of House of Cards. Hope you all have a great start to the week!

x Nina x

Nina Äikäs

I’m a Swedish-speaking Finn who left Finland for the lovely and thrilling London town in 2011, but after meeting an equally lovely and thrilling Scotsman I somehow now find myself in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. In February 2015 our gorgeous little girl arrived and made us a happy family of three. Follow my blog and get to know us!

  • Leena

    Grattis till jobbet! Låter intressant och skönt att börja lugnt med två dagar i veckan? Många fina rum men favoriterna blir den första och den med den stora röda soffan. Härliga färger!

    April 5, 2016 at 8:15 am
    • Nina Äikäs

      Tack!mina favoriter också,du har bra smak!?

      April 5, 2016 at 9:45 am
  • Annika B

    Great to hear you are enjoying!!! The apartments are all extremely beautiful but my favorite style is always the style that I would decorate my own home in, which is simple and few colors, so I go for the 2 last pictures. But my apartment has to have a comfortable sofa, a sofa where you feel like you are in a womb when you lie on them (you know that feeling…). Layk has made some huge advancement last week which I’ll tell about later…

    April 6, 2016 at 5:59 pm
    • Nina Äikäs

      I like the two last ones too,and yes I know what you mean by a womb-sofa haha!Tell me tell me what Layk’s been up to!

      April 6, 2016 at 7:25 pm
  • Vilma

    Grattis till det nya jobbet! Och jo, man vänjer sig. Eller inte 😉

    July 27, 2016 at 6:45 pm
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