My New Moroccan Pouffe from Bohemia Design

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Sorry guys, another post about interior design stuff coming up! (And more tips on where to shop beautiful handcrafted pieces here in Edinburgh and online…) As you might know I’m a huge fan of Nordic design – which possibly has something (or a lot) to do with my “Finnishness”. I don’t know if it was my late grandmother’s oriental rug that now adorns our living room floor, but I find the combination of modern, sleek Scandi vibes and colourful, expressive Middle Eastern designs quite attractive. Hence I naturally went and bought a Moroccan pouffe!


To locate my perfect pouffe I did a bit of googling and was surprised to find that my favourite choice was from a local business in Leith called Bohemia Design. According to their website “Bohemia was established to build relationships with artisan producers and through these collaborations help to support meaningful employment and ensure the survival of awe-inspiring traditional crafts.”

I think it’s great that all products are 100% hand crafted by artisans in Morocco, India and Turkey – and made with traditional techniques that shouldn’t be forgotten.


I chose the colour mustard even though Matthew wasn’t convinced – but I think it adds a bit of warmth to the room don’t you think? They come in so many colours that you’re bound to find one you like! Take a look at them here.


You can order the pouffe filled or unfilled. Traditionally pouffes are filled with camel hair, but as there aren’t many camels around this one is filled with recycled felt and natural coir (coconut fibres). Apparently you can fill them with pretty much anything, such as old clothes and plastic bags – great for getting rid of stuff you don’t want haha.


So having ordered my pouffe and browsed through the website filled with the loveliest things I just had to visit their shop in Marchmont.


Lana instantly found the crates with cuddly toys, which gave me the chance to take photos undisturbed.


As I stepped in I realised that I had been there several times during the time I worked in the area! Back then I only had eyes for all the pretty baby stuff though 🙂


It’s one of those shops where you just want to touch everything!


This handbag made from vintage fabric from India was stunning.


If you’re into Moroccan Babouche slippers this is where to get them! Again, so many colours to choose from!


Those wool baskets are gorgeous and great as plant pots!

As you can see there’s a lot of pom poms (made in India), which is actually quite an interesting idea for decorating a room. On sale on the website as well!


You can see more pouffes on the right hand side.


There’s always time for a mirror selfie 😛


Baskets with pom poms because why not?!


Bohemia Design also sell jewellery – maybe a bit too colourful for my liking but pretty nonetheless!


A good selection of cool books as well – all in all a great place to shop for gifts for both adults and kids.


Lots of things for little hands to explore…


Such a cool little dog that would fit right into the colour scheme of our home seamlessly as well!


Oh and these! Not sure if you can do something with them or if their meaning in life is just to be cute?!

Were you familiar with Bohemia Design from before? What’s your favourite item from what you’ve seen here?

x Nina x