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Summer is here, finally! Sun is shining and it’s actually over 20 degrees. Our office gets quite hot though, but thankfully I can work from home if it gets too uncomfortable. (Which probably happens only a few times per year anyway.)

Today we went to Glasgow for a meeting with a partnering agency, so now I can say that I’ve seen other places than Edinburgh in Scotland… Since we spent the whole time in a meeting and I didn’t manage to take any photos, I’ll share some photos of my wee niece instead.

Nephews and nieces seem to be popping out everywhere once you start reaching a certain age. I only have one niece so far, she’ll be 2 years old in November and to me she is the cutest little thing in the world! I try to spend as much time as I can with her when I go to Finland to visit, and this time she (finally) seemed to recognise me, and was comfortable around me after only 5 minutes or so. Victory! It was a whole other story with Matthew though. Even after two days of trying to win her over, she didn’t want to be anywhere near him (or let him play with her toys). Poor Matthew, he even tried to speak Swedish to her. Maybe it was the beard or the strange accent. (She did let him feed her though – her sitting in my lap and being distracted by toys.) Maybe she’ll have changed her mind when we visit again in August?!


She is such a cheeky little bugger. (Oh dear, I sound like a middle-aged Brit for goodness sake…)


I have no clue what she’s doing, robot dance maybe?


I think she looks a lot like me when I was little. Lucky girl.

As a proud auntie I just wanted to show off my little niece a little bit, I promise this will be the last post (only) about her!

x Nina x

PS. A little nephew is on his way, can’t wait!