My Summer Baby

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Summer is finally here! Well, it was here for 3 days before it got cold again. But it was warm for long enough for me to get sunburnt (same mistake every year aargh) and Lana to get her summer hat out and experience grass for the first time…

Don’t know if it maybe had something to do with the warm weather, but a miracle happened the other night when Lana slept from midnight until 9 in the morning without waking up! Every parent knows what a huge thing this is – I was over the moon when I realised it in the morning. She hasn’t done it again, but she’s slept 6 hours in a row most nights after that – which is already heaven for me!


We popped into Matthew’s work right next to the impressive St Mary’s cathedral last week. Will be interesting too see how white my wrist is compared to the rest of the arm when the cast comes off…Probably not that big of a difference haha!


Chilling in the grass – Lana doesn’t look too impressed with park life though. Poor little thing had her 4 month immunisations on Thursday and seemed fine after, but when I picked her up to feed her in the night I noticed she was all hot and had a temperature. She was feeding fine though and seemed alert and normal apart from being a bit spaced out, so didn’t get too worried. It’s a very common side effect after all.


We just came back from a little Sunday stroll in the Botanics, and for the first time I actually went inside the glass houses – this is the Victorian palm tree house.


The sun came out just when we were exploring the glass houses.


Lana was napping in her pram. When she’s not napping she doesn’t really like being in the pram anymore and just tries to escape. Should maybe look into if it’s ok to put a 4-month old in a pushchair…


We also bumped into this little Mexican fella…Matthew’s scared of spiders (I always have to take care of any spiders in the house), but I’ve never minded these big hairy ones.

On Thursday I had an appointment with the fracture clinic where they x-rayed my wrist to check the bone hasn’t moved. The x-ray looked good and the doctor gave me an appointment for next week when they’ll take the cast off and replace it with a lighter plastic one (if I got it right). They completed my current cast and tightened it as well. However, I soon noticed that the cast was way too tight, so went back on Friday to get it loosened up. I got seen by another doctor who said the bone looks great and when I mentioned I’m supposed to fly with a 4-month old on July 7th he just said that they’ll remove the cast before that so that I’ll be more mobile.

So now I’m supposed to keep this cast for the entire time, but only 4 weeks in total. A bit confused now, but the second doctor reassured it was fine and that the x-rays looked so good that it won’t be a problem – and obviously I want to believe him as I’ll be cast-free for the flight! He also said that I can lift Lana if it doesn’t hurt, but I’ll wait another week before I attempt doing that.

Breaking a bone is such a hassle that I’ve sworn that I’m never going to do that again! Anyway, time for dinner – forcing myself to eat more fish to help the bone heal, so salmon’s on the menu. Also taking calcium, vitamin D, omega oil, iron, vitamin C and zinc supplements to help the healing process (and also to make sure breastfeeding won’t take its toll on my health).

Have a good start to the week folks!

x Nina x