My Third Trimester

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38 weeks pregnant

Thought I’d write about my 3rd trimester already now at 38 weeks as the baby might be here any day and I might not get a chance to write much after that! Check out my posts about my 1st trimester and 2nd trimester too if you fancy.

Now when the due date is almost here I can safely say that I’ve been very lucky and had a very easy pregnancy altogether. As I’ve said before; if this is what being pregnant is like I don’t mind having more children at all! I guess I was also expecting the worst after having read a lot of horror stories online – if I ever get pregnant again I’ll stay away from googling as much…

Changes in body

The final weight gain seems to be around 14kg after having lost a little weight lately – which I understand is normal at the end of the pregnancy. My body hasn’t actually changed much at all apart from the belly. What I thought looked like a girl belly now looks like a boy belly, or that’s what people tell me – including the plumber who asked me if I’m having a boy earlier today…So far I haven’t had any stretch marks, so really hoping I’ll get away with not getting any either!

Only now is the belly really in the way and getting up from bed a true ordeal, and only at 37-38 weeks am I starting to feel a bit uncomfortable walking around – which has resulted in a fair bit of waddling. I’m still, however, quite comfortable when sleeping as long as I have my beloved pregnancy pillow.

What I’ve noticed is that my own natural hair colour has become a lot darker – will be interesting to see if it changes back after giving birth.



I haven’t been ill since the beginning of September, and haven’t felt too tired at all although that’s usually the case in autumn/winter. Maybe the pregnancy supplements I’ve been taking have done their job! Will continue taking them when breastfeeding as well as I’ve been recommended to do.


My blocked nose that I’ve been complaining about has actually been better lately, ever since my holiday in Finland. What got worse in Finland though, around 33 weeks, was my heartburn – to the point where I had to get medication. Thank god for Rennie! My back has been even better than normally when I go to the gym, with only the occasional light pain in my sciatic nerve. I’ve had no swelling whatsoever either.

Since about 37 weeks I’ve definitely felt more pressure downstairs and have had to pee more often. Think 6 times in 15 minutes is my record so far 🙂 But luckily I usually get away with 3-4 times before bedtime and a couple of times during night.

pregnancy photo shoot


I’ve found myself to be more and more put off by seafood for some reason, just like in the first trimester. I’ve read about other women feeling the same way so hoping things will get back to normal after the birth.


My mood has been quite stabile with only the occasional emotional outburst, usually when I’ve been tired…But since I’ve been on maternity leave I’ve felt very relaxed and balanced and I’m still feeling calm about the birth. I also think that the antenatal classes we’ve been taking have been very helpful and added to that feeling of calmness. I’m actually just curious about labour and how mine will be, can’t wait!

38 weeks bump


At my last appointment with my midwife at 37+5 the baby’s head was 3/5 engaged, which I was very relieved about. She’s lying with her back against the right side of the belly (I was told left side is ideal, but that it shouldn’t make too much of a difference).

The baby has been very active throughout the third trimester, and seems to just be getting more and more active the further along I get in the pregnancy. Right now as I’m writing this I’m trying to rock the chair just so she would stop moving for a while – she’s been at it ever since I woke up and not stopped for more than 5 minutes all day. Same thing yesterday as well! Plus now I can’t only feel the kicks around the belly but also down there which is such a strange feeling!


By the way, the photos in this post are from a little pregnancy photo shoot we did at home last weekend – will be nice to have some photographic evidence of how big I’ve been!

That’s all for now, back to the waiting game. Have a good start to the week everyone!

x Nina x