My Thoughts About Brexit

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Happy election day! It’s been raining non-stop since the morning so wonder how many will skip voting in the general election today…I’m not allowed to vote because I’m not a British citizen, but I have to say I’m almost relieved as I wouldn’t know which party to vote for. Maybe the Greens but then again that’s not a tactical vote as they have no chance against the Conservative Party. Hmm.

What I actually came here to write about was Brexit and how I feel about it now. If you’re in Finland you might have read one of the recent articles in our major newspapers about how Brexit is affecting Finnish people living in Scotland here, here or here. I actually know Jenni who features in two of the articles 🙂

The disbelief I felt right after the Brexit elections has mostly been replaced with irritation. The whole situation has become a farce and I think people are just tired of hearing about all the ifs and maybes, listening to fear mongering and trying to figure out what’s actually going to happen. At least I am.

I’ve always felt welcome in the UK and I have personally not noticed any changes in the atmosphere since Brexit. To be fair, Scotland voted against it so Edinburgh is perhaps a better city to be in than certain other places in the UK. Either way, I’m not scared about the future. Maybe that’s being ignorant – I guess time will show. I find it very difficult to believe that I would be chucked out of the country – Britain needs us EU citizens too much for that.

What might happen, though, is that living here might be made more complicated and there might be a bunch of new forms to fill out and things to register for. I can, however, appreciate that, depending on your job, Brexit might make your way of earning a living a bit of a nightmare. Such as for my friend Jenni who works as a translator with most of her clients in Finland. I hope it’ll work out for her and anybody else who’s in a similar situation.

One of the interviewees in one of the articles above said that “if the UK will kick her out she’ll just leave” – and that’s exactly how I feel. I’m obviously lucky to have a great alternative country to move to – a country I want to move to anyway when the time is right. So bring it on Brexit, I’m not scared of you!

x Nina x

PS. Brexit and flowers have nothing in common, but needed some images so why not go for something a bit more uplifting and pretty…