My Top 5 Edinburgh Restaurants

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I can’t say I’ve eaten in every restaurant in Edinburgh, but I’ve tried some pretty good places that I think you deserve to know about – if you’re not already a regular of course! 

On my top 5 list is a couple of lunch places I’ve visited too many times to remember, a couple of fine dining restaurants I can’t afford to visit too often (sadly) and finally a place that’s somewhere in between price-wise where I’ve had one of my best meals in Edinburgh. So here we go (in no particular order):


This is a fairly recent discovery although I think there are as many as 4 branches of Milk in the Burgh. I often meet Matthew for lunch at the Morrison street branch, which is tiny and sparsely decorated, but stylish. Service is always very friendly, and Lana has been welcome too – they have high chairs even though the place is tiny.


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I haven’t tried the breakfast that I’ve heard good things about yet. The lunch, however, I think is very good value for money. I’ve tried a few things, but my favourites are the salads, e.g. these feta, kale, pea and broccoli fritters with herby slaw, green leaves, rosemary & cumin roasted vegetables, date & black sesame hummus dukkah spiced nuts and flat bread. This myriad of ingredients costs only £4,70! Coffee’s nice too – and they do cakes that look delicious!


2. Broughton Deli

I’ve eaten here countless times and never been disappointed. They do lovely soups, salads, quiches, sandwiches and other dishes. There’s plenty to choose from as a vegetarian, even if you’re vegan. The cakes are nice too, but not the best coffee unfortunately.

Service is good, but sometimes a bit slow. It can be a bit tricky to get in with a buggy, but with a little maneuvering it’s fine.


I usually go for the soup of the day or a mix of delicious salads that vary from time to time and are often vegan. It’s a cosy wee place just off Broughton street, so a good location too. This very filling plate of salads was just under £6, so not bad!


3. Timberyard

I’ve only eaten here once and had cocktails here once, but can’t wait to go again. It’s one of the most atmospheric restaurants I’ve been to – don’t know if it’s the decor, the ambience, the room in itself or the lighting, but something about the place just really appeals to me. If I opened a restaurant I’d like it to look and feel just like the Timberyard!


The food was pretty great too, by the way! You can read more about it in this old blog post of mine. Our friend actually knew some of the people working there, so can’t really comment on service objectively.

4. Wedgwood

Matthew took me to this fine dining, award winning (Wedgwood made the Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants list, for example) restaurant on my last birthday, and I really liked the food because it was sophisticated without being pretentious – and obviously it was really tasty too! We had the tasting menu accompanied by wines selected by the restaurant. The decor, on the other hand, was not to my taste…There are two floors, so the place looks deceivingly small from the outside. Read more about it in this blog post.

The service was professional, but a bit too correct and stiff for my liking.


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5. Atelier

This is where Matthew and I celebrated our two-year anniversary. It’s a very small place on Morrison Street, near Haymarket train station. The food here was amazing – one of the best meals I’ve ever had to be honest. It was better than my one and only Michelin star experience, and it didn’t cost anywhere near as much!

Service was relaxed and very friendly. I’ve also written a blog post about our visit to the Atelier, you can read it here. We will be back!



Special mentions

I can’t resist including a few eateries that I think deserve a shout-out…

  1. For the best sandwiches in town try a little Italian deli in the West End called Maialino – they use the best, high quality ingredients and the coffee is very nice.
  2.  For the best toastie head to newly opened Meltmongers in Bruntsfield. A toastie won’t get cheesier and more scrumptious than this! Coffee’s great too.
  3. I thought I wasn’t a fan of Chinese food until I visited Chop Chop. Go for the unlimited banquet – you’ll get so much for so little! Lots to choose from for vegetarians too.


So tell me, what are your favourite places to eat in Edinburgh? I’m keen to find new exciting restaurants to frequent!

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