My Weekend in London

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Hello from a sunny Edinburgh!

It was almost a year ago since I moved to Edinburgh from London, and only now did I visit for the first time –  it had been way too long if you ask me! It was so nice to be back, and I instantly felt like home and as I hadn’t left at all. Must confess I have missed the London buzz!

Gutted that I forgot to take as many photos as I would’ve liked to, so unfortunately I don’t have many to share with you.


Matthew was attending a Social Media masterclass in London on the same weekend, so we both caught an early flight on Friday morning.


A reason for visiting was that my good friend has given birth to this little cutie 2 weeks earlier, and I obviously wanted to say hi to him in person. So after a quick lunch with Matthew I headed to Walthamstow for some baby time. (Unfortunately this distorted photo is the only one of little A and me – I look like I’ve never held a baby before and he looks like a giant 2-week old! It must be the angle of the photo.)


Here he is sleeping on his own, look at all that hair! (This visit really made me realise more than before that newborns don’t do much more than eat, sleep and poop!)


After some quality baby  (and mum of course) time I met up with Hannele and Cordelia in Aldgate East, with whom I was staying as well. We had drinks at Wilton’s (the world’s oldest surviving Grand Music Hall – really nice place), followed by a delicious Thai dinner in Kinkao restaurant on Brick Lane. After food and drinks we were pretty knackered, so headed home soon after midnight.


In the morning Hannele made me her exquisite super porridge with quinoa flakes, seaweed, oat flakes and all kinds of other magic ingredients. Takes some time to get used to, but knowing how healthy it is it’s easier to get down. 🙂


A super porridge and super coffee later we headed back to Walthamstow for brunch and more baby time. We made the best Finnish pancakes ever (still need the recipe Josie!) and we also had some traditional Carelian pastries, yum!


Mother and child – only the child is actually sleeping, although I think the mother wouldn’t mind a little nap either…:)


More sleeping in another lap. He prefers to sleep in people’s laps instead of his little cradle. (Maybe that’s the case for most babies though?)


After a lovely brunch we took the train to the Waterpoet bar close to Liverpool street where we met for a couple of drinks with the lovely Sarah. After a quick dinner we paid Charles a visit in his new pad – and we weren’t disappointed with the view from his huge balcony! I’m not scared of heights, but have to say I got a wee shock when looking down the first time!


After some Prosecco we decided to go to Shoreditch House just around the corner. It’s a member’s club only, and I wasn’t aware that you’re not allowed to take photos – but managed to snap this one before I got told off by Charles.


Luckily there was a free photo booth that we obviously had to try. As you can see it’s ridiculously difficult to figure out where the camera is and get everyone’s faces in the photo.


After several attempts we managed to get one photo where at least all our faces can be seen. The evening ended in a bit of drama when Hannele discovered she couldn’t find her new phone once we got home. We found it hard to believe that it had been stolen as the bar wasn’t too busy at all and it’s not even open to the public. Luckily the staff had found the phone the second time Hannele called them!

It was so nice to spend time with friends and meet new little people – will try and make it down to London more often!

x Nina x