New Buys for Our Home

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I was supposed to publish this post yesterday, but for some reason I was lacking in energy and felt like I needed to rest and let Matthew do everything…I was out all day on Friday and Saturday, so maybe that’s why. Anyway, I was just lying around doing nothing for once – I honestly didn’t manage to do anything apart from making my favourite vegan pancakes in the morning and skyping my parents in the evening. But hey, I needed it!

I think the new year (and the sales!) has inspired us to get started with decorating the flat again after a wee break. So recently we’ve purchased some new items for the home that I’d like to show you as well.

The first one is the dusty pink tripod lamp in the photo above. I got it from Wayfair for half the price – and I’m so glad the beige ones were out of stock as that shade of pink goes so well with the walls and the rest of the room! It gives such a nice, warm glow as well. Perfect.

We always have magazines, notebooks, Lana’s colouring books and random sheets of papering lying around on our coffee table – but now we have a place to store all that! I fell in love with this woven basket the second I saw it on Habitat, and just had to have it. Isn’t it beautiful?!

The walls in our bedroom are bare and causing me a bit of a headache – until I saw this piece of wall art online and got excited. It won’t stay like this though as we’ll put photos we’ve taken on it. I already ordered some gold-coloured clips for it, along with a bunch of posters and frames for the other walls in the bedroom. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

On Saturday we managed to go through several charity shops in Morningside when Lana was asleep and picked up this interesting bird cage/candle holder. We haven’t fully agreed on where to put it yet, but I’m thinking I will put some mini cacti in it instead of candles…We’ll see!

I love H&M home especially for their affordable cushion covers and rugs. This cushion has actually served as inspiration for the rest of the bedroom in terms of the colours I want to use. But there’s still a lot to do in this room!

I brought these beauties with me from Finland as my mum kindly let me have them. Can you believe that these belonged to my mother’s grandmother Edla Emilia Adolfsdotter who was born in 1885 and passed away in 1960? They look just as new and unharmed in real life as they do in the photo!

On my travels in Mexico in 2010 I bought two masks when visiting the pyramids of Chichen Itza – and having parted from them when I moved to the UK soon 6 years ago(!) we’re finally reunited! I still love them, just wish I could remember what they symbolise…I think one of them was fertility…

This beautiful vase by Danish Bloomingville was a present from a friend and I absolutely love it. I picked up the wooden frame at Elk & Wolf in the Arches but haven’t decided what to put in it yet.

We’ve got closer to 30 plants staying with us at the moment, but both Matthew and I feel it isn’t enough. (Probably the only thing we agree on haha.) Here are a few of our recent additions to our plant family and another H&M rug.

This lovely tray is a Christmas gift from my brother and his fiancee. Not sure if I want to leave it as it is or put some candles on it…

This little stand is also something we found in a charity shop on Saturday. Might paint it another colour or leave it as it is…More decisions! That ficus is also a fairly new family member.

We bought this wee terrarium in the Botanics shop and shortly after got a couple of air plants to live inside it. I really enjoy spraying them with water every day and giving them a bath once a week. I’ve actually started spraying most of our plants (apart from the cacti) almost every day after reading that plants like it – and it seems to be working. A little tip for you!

Time to put down my laptop and watch something with my husband. Have a good week folks!

x Nina x

PS. Was so happy when the official VisitBritain Instagram account  (@lovegreatbritain) shared my photo from Circus Lane earlier today. They have 283K followers!! I also found out a photo from my modelling gig is going to be in the next Scots Magazine! Not a bad Monday at all 🙂