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We have a home!

One of the reasons we moved to Edinburgh was that we wanted to be able to afford a nice home instead of living in squalor in London while spending loads. After spending one month looking and having seen five not so nice flats we found this beauty:


It is a Victorian house (just like we hoped for) with a main door and a little space in the front (that apparently our landlord’s father will be maintaining). Our landlords are the loveliest people btw.


This is what you see when you come in the door. The size of the hallway still shocks me every time I see it!


The hallway from the other end. My boyfriend has a thing for hallways so I’m glad we have one! The wooden floor is one of my favourite features – no cheapy laminate flooring.


The first door to the right takes you to the front room which is of a good size and has bay windows. Tick!


My boyfriend’s parents have been of great help accompanying me to flat viewings around the city and giving my boyfriend who has been working a second opinion. (He clearly doesn’t trust mine.) A big thank you!!!


We’re having an argument about this plastic palm tree: I think it should go and my boyfriend wants to keep it. What do you think??


The second door to the right is the box room aka guest room. It is one of the nicer box rooms I’ve seen, but there’s plenty of space in the living room for claustrophobic visitors too.


The last door to the left will take you to the kitchen that is so well equipped that we don’t really have to buy anything. Notice our little herb pot that my boyfriend’s dad kindly planted for us. (My boyfriend used to own one plant that I remember seeing one green leaf on once and my plants all die from various diseases sooner or later.)


At the end of the hallway we have the toilet – nothing fancy but functional and bright. Hopefully we can get a lock on the door soon…


Tadaa! We have another shower in the bedroom, will come in handy when we both have to get ready for work. Did I mention that my office will be just a five minute walk from the house?!


Last but not least – my favourite room – the bedroom. That zebra has to go though. If you look out the window you’ll see a big garden that we share with a few other flats. Apparently no one uses it though, but I think it’ll be great for barbeques and chilling.

This is how the house came, but we will make some changes and make it look more like us. A bit more young and edgy. So, friends and family, you have no reason not to visit us now! Just let me know when you’re coming.

x Nina x