New Hair – Before & After

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I don’t know about you, but I sure do love before and after photos – so thought I’d share mine today! I can’t remember the last time I went to the hairdresser’s, but I think it was before I got pregnant with Maya…So probably around 1,5 years ago! 

I’ve been losing a lot of hair over the past couple of months, and as my hair has started feeling thinner and thinner I felt it was time to chop a fair bit off. A few weeks ago I let Matthew cut my hair and I’m sure nobody will be surprised to hear it was a disaster (as you can see in the before picture!). What the hell was I thinking?! Anyway, my point is that a haircut was due and well deserved.

In case you’re wondering: when you’re pregnant, elevated estrogen levels prolong the growing stage of the hair and results in less hair loss. After giving birth your estrogen levels plummet and a lot more hairs enter the resting stage – the stage where they fall out. During my pregnancy I hardly shed any hairs at all, but around 3-4 months after giving birth the hairs started coming out and still are now Maya is 6,5 months. I wash my hair only once a week, and even Matthew is shocked to see how much hair I collect at the edge of the bath…I just hope it’ll stop soon or I’ll have to go wig shopping!

I decided to go for a shoulder length bob and half a head of blonde highlights – so back to what it was before and nothing extreme. So happy with the result! It’s brightened my appearance so much and I feel like a new person almost.

I went to Charlie Miller as that’s the only place I always leave happy with the results, and that is worth paying a little bit extra for.

When Lana saw me she said “you’ve been to the hairdresser’s – I want yellow hair too!”. Yellow is maybe not quite the colour I was going for…

Now I’m ready for the summer!

x Nina x

PS. Cherry blossom season is over and the petals are adorning the ground instead. The prettiest kind of snow!