New Hair & An Old Dress

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Recently I reached a point where I felt I just couldn’t look at my hair anymore and booked an appointment at local M.U.K.A.V.A hairdresser for the following day. It’s only around 3 months since my last visit, but my hair has grown really quickly and there are lots of annoying baby hairs coming through. Lovely post-pregnancy problems!

I decided to go shorter than ever before in my adult life – and although at first I wasn’t sure whether I hated or loved it I pretty soon came to the conclusion that I loved it! Thank god. Now the next step is to dye it blonder! It looks blonder in the photos than what it is…

My latest second hand find, a floral Zara dress, was the perfect match to my new hair – so when we were visiting Porvoo Old Town with Matthew’s family I forced him to take a few photos of me. Not sure what has happened though as the photos are a bit blurry…But with two small kids and a reluctant husband at home there’s no retaking any photos, so these will have to do!

Matthew just took the kids to the biggest soft play in the world for a few hours so that I could enjoy some child-free time. I checked out Kaivarin Kanuuna flea market and did a grocery shop before returning home to sit on the sofa without knowing what to do with myself haha. So I somehow ended up wasting time on Instagram…Going grocery shopping ALONE has become my way of relaxing, which might be a bit sad haha!

Soon I’m leaving to go and do 10K at the Helsinki Midnight Run – which I found out isn’t at midnight at all but at 9pm. There will be DJs playing, cheerleaders and light shows along the way, but I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to try and beat my personal record or just chill and enjoy the happening. There will be 10 000 other runners so not even sure if you can run very fast without constantly bumping into loads of people. We’ll see what my running buddy Maria is thinking about doing and will decide then 🙂

Wish me luck!

x Nina x