New Living Room

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The other day when Matthew was working from home he suddenly decided it was time for a change. Of the living room. I protested but let him move around the furniture as a test – and now I’m not sure what I like better!

One reason I didn’t want the sofa by the window is the draft from our wonderful single-glazed windows, but I guess that wouldn’t be as much of a problem in summer. Another reason is that it kind of blocks the window. On the other hand, this set-up does make the room look a bit bigger – which was Matthew’s argument for the change.


Can you spot the sleeping baby?


Lana still can’t stand that bouncer, but luckily the playmat seems a bit more popular – she spent almost 15 minutes on it the other day!

So, what do you think – should we move the furniture back to its original place or not? I know the before photo doesn’t show the whole room, but hopefully you’ll get the idea.


Btw, Lana’s passport arrived last week, yay! So weird that my own child has a different passport than I do, but I’m so happy that it arrived before the trip!

x Nina x