One Day of Summer

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It’s finally happened; summer is here! Well for only one day for now as it’ll be raining all day tomorrow according to the weather forecast…But I’m grateful that we’ve had a much needed sunny and warm day on the beach – I actually think this has been the warmest day I’ve experienced during my 3+ years in the Burgh! (+25 degrees haha)

Just wanted to share a few photos of our day out at Cramond beach with our traveller friends who are only back for a few days before they head to France for more travels. Nice to see them if only for a day!


Lana accepted her long lost auntie and uncle straight away.


She also got strangely attached to a middle-aged woman on the beach – she went over and sat down on her blanket and started chatting away and at one point she even laid down. When we were about to leave she got upset as she wanted to stay with the woman haha!


After a picnic on the beach we started walking along the seaside to get Lana to sleep but there was no chance she was going to nap on a day like this!


It’s a nice walk and I’m pretty excited as this is where I’ll be coming for my runs (well at least for my longer runs) when we move to our new home. Nothing beats running by the sea!


We decided to sit down by the recently opened Boardwalk Cafe and wait for another friend to join us.



Lana loved hanging out with her new buddies – here she’s kicking Will’s leg spurred on by James…She also kept going over to a family with two dogs and climbing up on the spare chair at their table, chatting away like no tomorrow! Such a social butterfly.


Lazy, sunny days like these don’t come often enough! I’ve you’re wondering why Matthew isn’t working it’s because he actually took a day off to enjoy our one day of summer – and judging by the amount of people by the beach he wasn’t the only one!

x Nina x