One Week Until Christmas!

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Christmas can’t be only one week away right?? What happened to the time leading up to the holidays when you’re supposed to feel christmassy and light candles and drink mulled wine? I don’t know, maybe we’ve been too busy and too tired to get into the spirit – but I hope it’ll find us in Edinburgh! 

We’re flying tomorrow – but first I need to take Maya to the doctor so they can check her ears. She’s constantly touching them and trying to put food etc. into them and I just want to make sure it’s not an infection. She’s probably just figured out she has ears and nothing more than that! But still, don’t want to take any risks. (Update: there is nothing wrong with Maya’s ears and it’s not dangerous to fly with an ear infection, said the handsome young doctor.)

Apart from another round of eye infections (the third one I think) we’re all well now woohoo! We’ll probably pick up some Scottish bugs the minute we land in Edinburgh, but I’ll worry about that when the time comes… 

It’ll feel strange to go back for the first time since we moved. Lana keeps talking about going to the blue door (our old flat) and I’m not sure if she understands that we won’t be staying there…We’ll be staying with Nana and Pop in Stockbridge, which will be nice. Will be interesting to see how they’ll find having a noisy bunch like us around for two full weeks…

I had a meeting with Lana’s nursery today where we had a chat about how she’s doing and developing etc. It’s so interesting to hear what other, objective people have to say about my child. Lately she’s been acting up at nursery, not doing what she’s told, trying to climb over the fence in the park and even hitting her best friend. Not cool at all. But I hope all this just means she now feels completely safe and at ease at nursery and that it is just a testing phase. I hope it passes quickly because I don’t even want to think about what would happen if she managed to escape from the park (I’m pretty sure she can find her way home but in order to do so she needs to cross the street…). She’s never hit anyone either, so I really hope that was just a one-off. We’ve made it very clear to her how disappointed we are and I know she knows it was wrong. 

A lot of good things were said about Lana too though. She’s empathic, very social and makes friends easily, independent, loves singing, is good at concentrating and generally very interested in everything. Afterwards Maya and I stayed on for a little bit (Maya would never have agreed to just leave) and it was so nice to see how well she played with the other kids. Tomorrow she’ll have her first playdate after nursery, and a while back she had her first nursery birthday. I think she really likes it there with all her friends – and it makes me feel so grateful and relieved. 

We had Lana’s nursery Christmas party last week. It was so endearing to watch Lana sing with the other kids in front of all the parents. All these tiny little people singing in their little voices <3. Afterwards we went to see Sankta Lucia – a Christian tradition in Scandinavia commemorating Saint Lucy, a third century martyr. Every year the people vote who gets to be Lucia and the lucky girl wears the crown of lights and brings darkness to the dark December. When we got home Lana obviously wanted to dress up as Lucia – which we obviously did. I found out later she had a little tantrum when she realised she wasn’t going to be Lucia at the nursery Christmas party…

I was out with my friends on Saturday night and oh my god how hungover I was on Sunday! One of the worst hangovers of my life. Drinking bubbles all night and forgetting to drink water was maybe not the smartest move…But it was fun and getting the chance to talk for hours (undisturbed) with friends you’ve known for 20 years is priceless. And even though I kept repeating that I’m never drinking alcohol again I’ve felt so good today that that thought seems distant already haha. 

Time to stop rambling and finish packing. Not sure what to pack though as the temperature is around 8 degrees there at the moment…Hmm. See you very soon Edinburgh! 

x Nina x

PS. The photos are from a snowy day at my parents house a couple of weeks ago when Matthew, aka “latte dad”, made sure Maya’s first proper encounter with snow was a thorough one…