OOTD – Gingham Dress by Olive Clothing

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I came across a clothing brand a while back, which struck a chord with me on many levels. It’s called Olive Clothing. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? So why did I like Olive so much? Well, first of all, their timeless, elegant and contemporary clothes are very much to my liking and I seriously struggled trying to decide which dress to buy – because there wasn’t an option not to buy anything!

Secondly, I very much liked the brand and the look of the website. Thirdly, the brand is owned by a husband and wife team who are trying to do the right thing when it comes to ethical fashion and sustainable choices and they take their responsibilities within the garment industry seriously. They’re being honest and transparent about it, admitting that there have been some compromises – and that is something I value.

There is another, quite curious thing that I haven’t come across before I think. Their clothes are all one size! Most of the clothes are quite loose fitting and for each item it’ll say which sized people it’ll fit. So for example for the dress I’m wearing it says it’ll fit UK sizes 8, 10 and 12 and that it’ll fit some people of the sizes 6 and 14. I’m usually a size 10 and I would say this dress fits me perfectly and the guidelines are therefore quite accurate. So unfortunately Olive isn’t a brand that will cater for plus sized people.

I’m happy with the dress I got, but to be honest I had to send back the first one because some of the seams weren’t finished properly. Returning the dress and getting a new one was quite easy though – but it still wasn’t a good first meeting with my dress!

Anyway, scroll down for some photos! And a little note to myself: don’t try and do a photo shoot when it’s windy!

Dress – Olive Clothing

Jacket – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Clark Shoes