OOTD: New Bag & Shoes

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marimekko mini matkuri

I’ve got a few new items in my wardrobe so it’s a perfect time to do an outfit post! If you’re wondering why my face looks so incredibly grey it’s not because I was nauseous and not because of the camera – but something WordPress has done to my photos after uploading them to the platform. After spending way too much time on trying to fix it I gave up and decided to just post these dull photos, so here we go!

That cardigan is something I bought for my mum a couple of Christmases back – but since it made her skin itch I took it back and have been wearing it all the time ever since. Perfect for Edinburgh.

I’ve been looking for a new bag that’ll fit my laptop for ages but won’t be too heavy and clumsy – and the answer to that was the newish Marimekko Mini Matkuri bag (try pronouncing that guys :P) that was also on sale and my mum kindly bought for me. I also like the fact that it’s not leather and I know from experience that the fabric is very durable.

These photos are taken on our back terrace that you can climb onto through our bedroom windows. It’s not a safe place for Lana though, so I only use it for shaking off our bedding, cushions, rugs and blankets. And perhaps for photo shoots in the future!

When I was in Finland over the holidays I walked into a Vagabond shop and spotted these black shoes that are very similar to the shoes I used to wear all the time a few years ago – so much that the sole broke. So when I saw that these babies were on sale (although not as perfect as the old ones) it was a no-brainer! I’m totally in love with my glittery socks as well.

The lace top has long sleeves and is another sale-find from Finland. I bought it in a Swedish shop called Indiska, who btw have refreshed their clothing and interior lines.


Lana broke another pair of sunglasses (one of her favourite hobbies is to go through my bag) so I needed to get a new pair. As my old glasses were perfect I headed to River Island again to see if they would still have something similar – and this pair came quite close. The reason I’m wearing sunglasses on a grey day is simply because I couldn’t be bothered putting makeup on on a Sunday – I’m very lazy when it comes to wearing makeup altogether!

Lana insisted on coming out for a little photo shoot herself, and here she’s trying to copy me <3 <3 <3

In a couple of hours we’re off to the Lake District in England for the weekend so I need to get packing. The weather forecast looks pretty horrific though so we might not spend as much time outside as I was hoping. Fingers crossed the forecast is wrong and that Lana doesn’t go mental during the 3-hour drive!

x Nina x

Sunglasses – River Island

Bag – Marimekko

Cardigan – M&S

Top – Indiska

Jeans – Topshop

Socks – H&M

Shoes – Vagabond