OOTD – Tired Mum Outfit (+ Best Leggings Ever)

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I haven’t been sleeping that well lately as I just find myself not being able to get back to sleep for a couple of hours after Maya wakes up for her first feed. She’s still sleeping well though, usually 5 hours, then a feed and another 5 hours. Can’t complain! But you probably know how it is when you’re tired; you just want to be comfortable and can’t be bothered putting too much effort into your outfit – so that’s the kind of outfit we’re talking about today!

To feel a bit smarter in my comfy going out and about clothes (you should see the rags I wear at home haha!) I’ve purchased some good quality leggings from Calzedonia and a big, warm jumper from Adidas Originals that I love and wear all the time. The leggings are shaping as well and perfect for that post-baby body! They’re made from a thick fabric that doesn’t bobble and keep their shape so well – nothing like those cheap H&M leggings! You can find them HERE.

The coat is also new and for being a very affordable buy from New Look I think it looks quite expensive. I like that it’s not too bulky like many shearling-type coats can be. Well worth the money this one as well.

Hat - Selfmade
Scarf - Lindex
Jumper - Adidas Originals
Leggings - Calzedonia
Coat - New Look
Shoes - Halonen
Bag - Marimekko

x Nina x

PS. No idea who lives at number 54 haha.