Our First Post-Baby Date Night

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I kept waiting for something to happen for us not to be able to go out for dinner last Saturday, but I can now tell you that we’ve successfully completed a baby-free dinner! Nothing went wrong and we had a lovely evening just the TWO of us.

As Lana clearly sleeps better at night if she’s had her two naps during the day (at set times) I was adamant that nothing would come in between Lana and her naps during Saturday. And it’s like the nap gods heard me, because she slept a good two hours in the morning and another 40 minutes in the afternoon!

Our table booking wasn’t until 9pm, but Matthew’s parents aka the baby sitters came around for 6pm so Lana would get used to them in case she’d wake up when we weren’t there. We bathed and fed her and she kindly fell asleep at 8pm – victory! I rushed Matthew out of the flat just in case she’d wake up haha.

We had one hour before dinner, so we decided to try out the new cheese and wine bar downstairs called Smith & Gertrude – nice place and nice cheese and will definitely go back there.  Although we didn’t need any food before the dinner to be honest!


Matthew was a bit late with booking a table for my birthday, so his first choices were all fully booked. Luckily Wedgwood in Canongate had a table for us! It’s fine dining but not too fine if that makes sense!


We had the tasting menu with 6 or 7 courses, plus canapés and petit fours. I had a pescatarian menu since I like to eat fish in nice restaurants even though I’m not too keen to eat fish at home. I thoroughly enjoyed all dishes, so much that I wasn’t able to finish my second dessert!


It’s impossible to take good photos in a dark restaurant, so only took a couple to have something to post on my blog haha. Think we managed around two hours before Lana was mentioned and I just had to text the babysitters to ask if Lana had woken up…


The food was great, but thought that the decor really needed a facelift…Just felt that not a lot of effort had been put in the furnishing and especially the lamps were quite frumpy – or what do you think? The service was friendly and efficient, but maybe a wee bit impersonal…

We got home just after midnight and we’re very pleased to find out that Lana hadn’t woken up nor made a single noise the whole time! At the moment she’s ill with a fever (poor little thing) and waking up about a million times a night, so we were lucky 🙂

From now on we’ll try to do date nights once a month – it remains to be seen if that plan is too optimistic though…How often do you and your partner do date nights?

x Nina x