Our (Foodie) Holiday to Tallinn

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Ok guys, it’s finally happening. I’ve gone through aaall the photos from our wee trip to Tallinn and chosen the ones I want to include in this blog. It was such a nice, relaxed trip with incredibly delicious food and pleasant weather – not without some drama though…

We stayed in Tallinn for three nights in July, at an apartment hotel called Lighthouse Apartments. We stayed in two different apartments, the first one I wouldn’t recommend and the second one I would. I’ll tell you more about this later!

I’m just going to tell you about our trip in photos (with captions). I had bought my new (second hand) Canon right before the holiday, and basically spent this trip learning how to use it. Which you might be able to tell from some of the photos…Many of the photos are also taken with mine or Matthew’s phone, as the camera is quite heavy to carry around.

Since there are so many photos (probably more photos than I have ever shared in one single blog post!) I haven’t edited them – although you will find some photos with filters as well. They are just photos I’ve shared on Instagram, where I use a preset for my pictures.

Anyway, so happy to finally put a post together – it’s been one of those things lurking in the back of my mind for a couple of months now. There will be many tips for good places to eat in this post, and I really recommend all of them if you ever visit Tallinn. Let’s begin!

We had trouble finding a parking spot near the terminal, so we ended up parking in a parking lot, but not inside the white lines if you know what I mean. Then neither of our cards worked when trying to pay for the parking and you weren’t able to pay with an app (we thought). This is where I was starting to panic as time was quickly running out. Luckily Matthew happened to have 20€ on him, so we managed to pay for the first 24 hours with cash. Then we ran to the terminal and got through the gates with only 3 minutes to spare. Phew! Once onboard I phoned my dad (because that’s what I always do in these situations haha) and the parking lot administration – and later found out you can pay with Easypark. Yay. Sorry about the incredibly boring story haha! It gets better, I promise!
After all the stress the first thing we did once in Tallinn was to have lunch and a cold beer from a local brewery. We had vegan burgers at the Estonian Burger Factory by the harbour, and we both thought the food was nice.
We had to wait until 3pm to check in, so we went for a coffee at Rost Bakery in the Rotermanni area. Very nice coffee and trendy place with seating outside.
We arrived at our accommodation, Lighthouse Apartments – a 10-minute walk from the harbour. The entrance was nice, so I had high expectations.
Lighthouse Apartments Tallinn
First impression was good, it looked like in the photos – but pretty quickly I realised that there wasn’t a balcony like I thought I had booked. It had also said there was a sea view – but it turned out that the sea view was a tiny bit of sea that you could see through the windows of a high-rise building if you looked really closely. So I went downstairs to the reception and it turned out I hadn’t actually booked a room with a balcony. My bad. All balcony flats were booked, apart from on the third night, so I booked us into one for our last night. On closer inspection, we noticed that all the bins smelled, the bathroom smelled and the aircon didn’t work properly (it was really loud and kept stopping on its own). We decided to not let it bother us and went outside instead.
It was a really warm day and Matthew insisted we go to this incredible bar he had been to on a recent trip with his colleagues. Sounded good to me!
Manna la Roosa Tallinn
The place was called Manna la Roosa, and oh wow the interior was amazing.
Manna la Roosa
We came just before it started getting crowded, so I could walk around undisturbed and take photos.
We sat outside on the terrace.
But not for lon as the heavens suddenly opened and we had to run inside. It was a proper storm.
Manna la roosa cocktails Tallinn
But we weren’t bothered – we were in a cosy bar accompanied by cocktails. Can’t remember what we had, but as usual, I picked the nice cocktails and Matthew went for the not so nice ones. To be honest though, I’m not really a cocktail person, they’re usually too sweet for my taste. I prefer prosecco or cava!
Maya waiting for mamma and pappa to stop drinking…
Kaja Pizza Köök Tallinn
The rain stopped eventually and we headed back to the flat and ordered some pizza from Kaja Pizza Köök. De-licious as Peppa Pig would say. Best pizza Matthew has ever had – and he’s had a lot of pizza haha. It was quite late and it was a studio flat, so we decided to take the mattress down from the loft and all go to sleep. Or we tried to sleep. The flat was superhot and the aircon was superloud and kept turning itself off. Outside they were doing some roadwork, so we couldn’t have the window open either. There was a little fan we turned on, but it didn’t do much. Everyone were just tossing and turning and suddenly I realised we forgot to bring Maya’s dummy. SHIT. She hadn’t asked for it when we went to bed, but I knew she would wake up soon and want it. And I was right. So we all slept VERY little and we were pretty grumpy the following morning.
Vegan Inspiration Tallinn
But we got up early and decided we need coffee and breakfast asap. We went to a vegan place called Vegan Inspiratsioon in the old town. The food was nice, nothing fancy but homemade and tasty.
Before breakfast we went straight to a pharmacy to buy Maya a dummy. It was way to small for her so it kept falling out – but jus look how happy she was.
After brekkie we started wandering around the Old Town and stopping in front of every second door to take photos.
We decided to climb up to the Toompea lookout point to get a better view of the city.
Behind the scenes.
Tallinn Old Town is so beautiful <3
Just look at it!
Lana refused to be in the family photo. Maya just wouldn’t let go of that dummy even though she doesn’t normally have one during the day.
It started raining a little bit, so Matthew got his poncho out. Lana ripped hers within two minutes and I refused to wear one (too cool for that). Nah, it just wasn’t raining enough to justify wearing a poncho.
Balti Jaama Market tallinn
Next stop: Balti Jaama market and Telliskivi Creative City.
A moment of chill so I could snap a photo with the lights in the background.
Lots of murals in Telliskivi. Liked this one as it reminded me of all the seeds we’ve been sewing.
I wish I could look as effortlessly cool as Lana does most of the time.
meruart Telliskivi Tallinn
I found my angel mural by Meruart close to the F-Hoone restaurant. I had seen this mural on someone’s insta and made it my mission to find it.
Always climbing, jumping, exploring.
We were really hungry, so were trying to get the kids to sit at a boring restaurant instead of running around. Never easy.
 Kivi Paber Käärid Tallinn
We decided to try Kivi Paber Käärid (rock, paper, scissors) – and I’m so glad we did. You’ll see why if you scroll down two photos.
Maya ordered pasta. Still going strong with that dummy upside down.
I had a pesto pasta (probably the best I ever had) and Matthew a nice noodle soup. But the star of the show was definitely this beautiful vegan pavlova! It only cost 5,90€ and was just as delicious as it looks like. Would go back to Tallinn just to have it again.
Telliskivi Creative City Tallinn
Found a very patriotic wall (Scotland & Finland).
Pegasus bar Tallinn
We slowly walked back to our hot apartment, but soon headed out again for dinner. This place was called Pegasus.
What’s great about restaurants in Tallinn is that kids seem to be welcome. There is usually paper and pens and a kids’ menu, which every parent appreciates.
Pegasus was maybe a little bit on the fancy side, but luckily the kids behaved and we could enjoy some bubbles and another delicious meal.
Pegasus Tallinn
My starter: battered goat’s cheese with a beetroot pure. Very nice and colourful. Thumbs up for Pegasus too!
After dinner we walked back slowly through the old town. Stopped by the supermarket to get some ice cream for dessert.
Also had to stop for a photo.
I do love my new camera. And my daughter too haha.
After a much better night we decided to grab a quick breakfast nearby in the new Rotermanni area. The place was called Levier Cafe and the only thing vegan/vegetarian I could eat was this tiny smoothie bowl. Did not fill me up. Afterwards we got takeaway coffees from Rost Bakery.
Rataskaevu 16 Tallinn
We didn’t really have any plans, so we just strolled around and stopped at a play park until it was time to eat again haha. We had booked a table at the popular Rataskaevu 16 – a cute, atmospheric place in the heart of the Old Town. Again, food was outstanding and service good too. This vegan baked avocado dish was one of my favourite meals during the trip. Highly recommend!
After lunch we continued our walkabout, stopping for mini photo shoots and finding places for the girls to pee. If you’re a parent you’re probably familiar with the classic situation where you ask your kid if he/she needs to pee when you’re at a place with a toilet. The kid says no and 5 minutes later, after you’ve left, says he/she needs to pee. Aaargh.
Another pretty door.
My photo with the girls didn’t quite work out. All the photos turned out more or less like this haha.
Archetype Label
Also needed to get some photos taken of my new Archetype linen shirt jacket as I was doing a collab with them. I wore this shirt most of the holiday as it was so comfy and light. There are so many photos of me with this face from over the years – asking Matthew what the settings are on the camera, if he got any good photos, if my clothes look ok etc. He doesn’t think it’s annoying at all. Haha.
We walked back to the apartment and checked into our new flat at Lighthouse Apartments for the last night. What a difference! This one had a balcony, it smelled nice, it was clean and the aircon worked. So I would recommend the balcony flat but not the first studio flat. Anyhoo, here I’m having some bubbles on the balcony in the setting sun before heading to yet another meal. I told you this was a foodie holiday!
The view from the balcony in the new flat was stunning.
R14 Tallinn restaurant
We did some research online and decided to try R14 restaurant in the Rotermanni area. Again, supertasty food! I had a vegan tofu bowl dish with a tomato sauce that almost beat the lunch I had. So flavourful. The place was quite trendy and not as cosy as I usually like my restaurants. But the food was really nice so will recommend this place too.
NOP Cafe and Shop Tallinn
The following morning we packed our bags, checked out and jumped in a taxi to go get a nice healthy breakfast (to balance out the wine we had the night before…) I somehow came across NOP Cafe and Shop and it sounded too good not to visit.
NOP cafe Tallinn
Everything was organic, juices were freshly pressed, coffee was nice AND there was a childrens’ play corner. Woohoo. This avocado toast with fresh beetroot and sprouts etc. was incredibly fresh and delish.
The kids waffles were soooo good. I was hoping there would be some leftovers, but they ate most of it. Damn.
And look, the cutest little back garden! Service was so friendly too. Will be back for sure.
After a very fulfilling brunch we walked towards the big Kadrioru Park and admired the architecture of the area. Apparently the richest area in Tallinn.
Thank god we brought the buggy. Since Maya hasn’t used it for so long, she was excited to sit in it – plus it carried all our stuff too.
The park was impressive – and we only saw a small part of it.
Kadriorg Art Museum Tallinn
The Kadriorg Art Museum was as pretty as a picture. Lovely and colourful. They were setting up a stage in the middle, so unfortunately couldn’t get the photos I wanted.
Matthew tried to get a nice shot of me, but it just didn’t quite work. Wearing my linen shirt jacket again as you can see. Love it.
Maya is so cute when she’s explaining something <3 Just look how colourful we are btw.
We spotted a play park, so we had no choice but head that way. Next to it was a small funfair, so we had to go on a little ride in these bad boys. Girls loved it.
Love Mussels Tallinn
But, we had a ferry to catch, so we walked back towards the hotel and popped in here for one last meal. Can you spot my little ninja?
Love Mussels restaurant Tallinn
This place was near the hotel and Matthew had said all trip that he wants to have some oysters there, so that’s what he did.
I had flatbread with roasted veg and all the trimmings. Also supertasty. I still can’t believe how amazing and affordable all the food in Tallinn was. We ate at so many places that we can’t just have been lucky. Everything we ate was just delicious. Of course I did my research before, but still. We left very content. One place we couldn’t get a booking for was Vegan Restoran V, and I really wanted to eat there as I’ve heard so many good things about it – but guess that’s just another reason to go back!
After almost four relaxing days in Tallinn it was time to head back to Helsinki and see if our car had gotten town away and/or if we had a massive fine waiting. I was literally jumping up and down of joy when we got to the car and it was still there WITHOUT a fine. Hallelujah! We have such a bad record when it comes to getting parking fines that I was 100% sure there would be one, but nope. Pfeew.

What I didn’t even realise until a few days later when I got an email from the hotel we stayed at, was that I had left all our passports in Tallinn. Passports we didn’t even need to bring on the trip in the first place. Well done me. Luckily my friend was going to Tallinn and was nice enough to collect them for me. Owe her big time!

If you made it all the way to here I just want to say thank you for reading and hope that you got some nice tips for where to eat in Tallinn if you ever visit. And you should.

x Nina x