Our Helsinki Saturday

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I haven’t taken photos with my camera in a while, but on Saturday I woke up in a good mood (doesn’t happen too often at the moment with Maya keeping me up haha) and decided I would bring it to whatever we decided to do. We ended up wandering into the city centre with no clear plans and just exploring our new home town. This is what we got up to!

We live in one of the prettiest areas in Helsinki at the moment, and the 10-15 minute walk into the (commercial) city centre is such a nice one that I always prefer walking. And Lana is quite good at staying on the buggy board as well, so it doesn’t take us too long.

The 97-metre high Mikael Agricola Church is very close to our flat (where I lived when I was a student too) but I never knew that the 30-metre spike can be retracted inside the tower structure! This was so that the tower wouldn’t act as a navigational aid to enemy bombers during the Winter War and Continuation War. Don’t quite understand how that is possible when looking at it though…

Edinburgh with all its gorgeous grey buildings is a striking city, but the colours and details of Helsinki architecture is something I have missed and love looking at when walking past. There’s a lot of Jugend architecture – so if you like that style this is the city for you!

We reached the Esplanade Park and bumped into this cute little creature, which Lana tried to feed with hay. The pony wouldn’t have it, so its carer gave Lana some orange to feed it instead.

And before we knew it Lana was up on the pony and riding around the park! She is never scared of trying new things, but she goes all quiet when she does for some reason. Pappa did walk next to her in the beginning and there was a big smile on her face when the pony started moving.

Right next to Matthew’s work is a Moomin Cafe that I thought we should check out, because erm, it’s a Moomin cafe! There are five in Helsinki now and I hadn’t been to a single one yet.

Would love one of those lamps – they’re just so damn expensive!

Matthew’s hanging out in the play corner. I think Maya is there too…We love a cafe/restaurant with a play corner – it makes life around a hundred times easier!

Next to the Moomin cafe, but in the same complex, was a little lego corner where Lana got creative.

We had some quiche as they didn’t really have many lunch options. Better for coffee and cake. Love that green colour!

There was a group of Asian women who thought Maya was the cutest thing they’ve ever seen – or at least that’s what I gathered from how they were acting! They kept oohing and aahing and trying to get Maya to crawl closer, but even though she was smiling and very interested in the ladies she wanted her mamma. When she waved back at them the volume level just went through the roof. Glad we could entertain haha.

Maya is always very focussed when somebody’s eating something, as you can see.

We left the cafe and walked along the main shopping street; Aleksanterinkatu.

And as always, Lana stopped for a wee boogie when we walked past some street musicians. She’s got some interesting new moves I can tell you!

This little girl fell asleep halfway through her piece of bread.

Matching my face with my top and with my juice. I really want to get a juicer, but before I can decide on which one (not to mention afford a good one) I will be a regular at places such as Joe & The Juice. And don’t worry, I have bought nail polish remover and removed that last bit of nail polish!

Lana had a smoothie – a pink one of course.

A family photo.

We actually did have one objective this Saturday; to find Lana some sneakers for nursery. It wasn’t easy to get her to try the black ones Matthew and I liked – she always goes for the girliest shoes she can find…They didn’t have the right size though, so will order something online. Something that isn’t pink!

We headed back, and whilst I was having some me-time (going to the supermarket…) Matthew snapped a few photos of our little monkey. She is obsessed with climbing and will try and climb anything and everything, which means we have to be on our toes all the time.

Matthew said she climbed all the way to the windowsill, so will have to be careful when keeping the windows open! Surely a 9-month-old shouldn’t be doing this yet?!

I made something so delicious for dinner that Matthew said it was the tastiest thing I’ve ever cooked. Just because of that I need to dedicate this dish a blog post of its own!

On Saturday Matthew’s mum, dad and brother are coming to visit for a few days, so we’re looking forward to that! I really hope the weather forecast will get better by then…

x Nina x