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It’s been a while since I’ve done a “real life” every day blog post, so I thought I’d share with you what a very typical Saturday looks like for us. So here’s what we did yesterday!

First I have to tell you about what happened the other night…Around midnight on Friday Lana started crying so Matthew went into her bedroom, only to find her throwing up in her bed..There was lots of it and Lana was clearly confused as to what was happening since the last time she vomited was when she was a little baby and the vomit consisted of only milk. That was not the case now, but for some reason I didn’t find it disgusting at all and really easy to clean up! I remember my mum cleaning up after my younger brothers and always thinking I could never do that, but when it’s your own little frog things are different I guess! Ok enough about vomit, I got a bit side-tracked here!


She also clearly had a fever and only wanted her mamma (which she always wants at night). She let me go and brush my teeth though and snuggled up with pappa instead. Yesterday morning she woke up at 9am and was like nothing had happened and back to her own energetic self. Me on the other hand, was pretty tired having checked on Lana every 15 minutes and not been able to relax out of worrying…I’m also still suffering from an allergy/cold – I think it’s an allergy but not entirely sure. I felt the same for months last autumn too so thinking it’s something that’s making me allergic, no idea what though or what triggers it.


Since Lana seemed fine we decided to head out and do something. Our first stop was lunch at Gannet & Guga at the Arches. Matthew ordered a pulled pork sandwich that Lana refused to try – she instantly knows if it’s meat and won’t try it. Clearly taking after her mamma.


Afterwards we checked out another lovely interior shop called Elk & Wolf. I didn’t realise before how many great shops and websites full of the most beautiful stuff there are, but now that I’m (I mean ‘we’ of course) decorating our new place I keep finding new brands I could just spend a fortune on…I did buy a little something for our future living room wall creation – that I will present on the blog when we actually carry out our little project! (And if it doesn’t look so shit we have to take it down…)


To help cure my cold/allergy I bought the healthiest-sounding green smoothie from Juice Warrior – it was so healthy that Lana spat it out when she tried it haha.


There was a Littles Market on at the Fruitmarket Gallery so we popped in to check what it was all about. Lots of lovely handmade clothes, toys and books but I didn’t end up buying anything.


There was a bookbug session on with songs and rhymes so we joined in for a while until Lana got bored and ran out of the room. It is so adorable when she tries to copy the moves <3


We left the market and walked through the old town – the Royal Mile was still full of tourists.


And Lana fell asleep – just in time for our next stop…


…the Anatomical Museum that turned out to be closed 🙁 It’s open only on the last Saturday of the month so I guess it’ll be at least another month before I can give it another go. It’s a museum full of fetuses and body parts in glass jars – which I thought would’ve been perfect for Halloween…


So instead we walked to John Lewis department store to see if we could find a table lamp for our new dining table (it’s amazing!) – and after disagreeing on about a hundred lamps we finally found one we both liked, only to find out they didn’t have it in stock. So we left without a lamp.


Lana wouldn’t let us leave without visiting the toy department, so we took her there. I think we had one of those phones she’s touching when I was little…


After Lana had her toy fix we got on the bus and went home. Matthew was finally going to put up some coat hooks, but once again we ended up with only holes in our wall…So he officially retired from DIY and we’re just going to get someone to do it for us. Normally I would give it a go myself, but having watched Matthew try to do it I’m just going to give it a pass.


Since it was Saturday and I still hadn’t used my new Finnish Iittala wineglasses we bought a bottle of red – and just as I suspected; the wine tasted so much better in the new glasses 😀 It’s true ‘vardagsglädje’ – a fantastic Swedish word that can roughly be translated as ‘small things in every day life that brings joy’. Such as new wineglasses!


Matthew was on cooking duty and the result was a cheesy pasta with tomatoes and spinach.


The broccoli we were supposed to have with the meal didn’t make it as they spent far longer than 20 minutes in the oven…Btw, if you’re not a fan of broccoli try roasting it – so much nicer! (Although this photo probably won’t convince you haha.)


At 8pm Lana was in bed and it was time to sit down for X-Factor. It’s a lot more exciting this year since Finnish Saara Aalto is in the final! It would be SO amazing if she won – she definitely has one of the best voices. Fingers crossed!


Tomorrow Matthew and I are going to Copenhagen for 3 full nights, without Lana. Or well, if Lana gets worse I will have to stay at home. Today she’s been ok but clearly a bit lethargic in the evening, and she was already feeling feverish when I put her down…It is so typical that she would get ill just before our trip, even more so since she hasn’t been ill since last Christmas! Matthew is attending the Alzheimer Europe conference where he’s presenting his personal project (will tell you more about that another time) on Tuesday, so he’ll go either way. I really hope I can go, but if I can’t I have to accept that it’s just one of those things. Lana comes first always.

x Nina x