Mayalina Turns One!

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One year ago, at 18.48 in the evening, a little but very loud girl with dark eyes and a dimple on her left cheek was born. She was a big, healthy baby who was born into the water within four hours of the first contraction. She came out with a demanding cry and we fell in love with her straight away. I could tell it was love at first sight when she met her proud big sister too.

35 is the New 25 Right?

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I usually don’t like to make a fuss about my birthday, partly because I don’t like getting older and older and older…But this year, for some reason, I felt like I wanted to document my day, so that’s exactly what I did. My birthday held within it a lot of food and sweets, just the way I like it. We also visited a festival, which was right up my street…

Berlin Baby!

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Our 5th annual girls’ trip took us to Berlin this year – a city I’ve wanted to visit for ages. This time 7 of us managed to sort out childcare and not be heavily pregnant etc., which is not a bad turnout considering the hectic lives everyone has. We left Helsinki early on Friday morning and flew back on Sunday evening, but in hindsight we should’ve flown on Thursday so we would’ve been a bit less tired on Friday. But hey, at least we learned a lesson!

The Best Thing Ever

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I don’t really have a clear thought in my head, so maybe not the best moment to come here and blog – but just felt like writing something anyway! I mainly want to rave about how happy I am with Lana going to nursery and how many good things have come out of it already.

11 Peculiar Things About Living in Finland

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I’ve been away from my home country for almost 7 years. 7 years! How did that happen?! Anyway, it’s inevitable that being away for so long will mean you forget about how certain things work in your own country and that certain things change and that you therefore might be in for a bit of a culture shock. 

4 Months After the Move to Finland

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Nuuksio National Park

Today marks the day we’ve lived here for 122 days. So perhaps time for a little update! It’s such a cliché, but time really has gone very quickly and it feels like we’ve been here forever. In some respects it feels like our 5 years in Edinburgh happened 5 years ago. It’s weird.

A Day in Helsinki with the Adams Family

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It’s been a month since Matthew’s family visited, so it’s about time I get the second post about their stay up on the blog! They only had two full days with us; one of them was spent in my home town Porvoo and the other one in Helsinki where we live now. I’ve slept around 3-4 hours per night lately, so I will keep it short and hopefully don’t write anything incoherent…Let’s go!

What I Eat in A Day

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I’m not sure why I haven’t done a post like this before – especially since I love seeing what other people eat and get inspired! So last Wednesday, on just a regular weekday, I decided to take photos of my meals and show them to you guys. If you don’t know already, I’m a vegetarian who’s trying to make vegan choices where I can and where my willpower allows for it… 

2 Common Skincare Myths About Dry Skin

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I recently read something that made me realise I don’t know much about treating dry skin and that what I thought I knew was completely wrong. I’m hoping my newly found knowledge will help my face stay hydrated this winter – and since I know a lot of people suffer from dry skin I just wanted to share this information and maybe help someone else with the same issues!