4 Months After the Move to Finland

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Nuuksio National Park

Today marks the day we’ve lived here for 122 days. So perhaps time for a little update! It’s such a cliché, but time really has gone very quickly and it feels like we’ve been here forever. In some respects it feels like our 5 years in Edinburgh happened 5 years ago. It’s weird.

A Day in Helsinki with the Adams Family

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It’s been a month since Matthew’s family visited, so it’s about time I get the second post about their stay up on the blog! They only had two full days with us; one of them was spent in my home town Porvoo and the other one in Helsinki where we live now. I’ve slept around 3-4 hours per night lately, so I will keep it short and hopefully don’t write anything incoherent…Let’s go!

What I Eat in A Day

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I’m not sure why I haven’t done a post like this before – especially since I love seeing what other people eat and get inspired! So last Wednesday, on just a regular weekday, I decided to take photos of my meals and show them to you guys. If you don’t know already, I’m a vegetarian who’s trying to make vegan choices where I can and where my willpower allows for it… 

2 Common Skincare Myths About Dry Skin

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mossa cattier madara

I recently read something that made me realise I don’t know much about treating dry skin and that what I thought I knew was completely wrong. I’m hoping my newly found knowledge will help my face stay hydrated this winter – and since I know a lot of people suffer from dry skin I just wanted to share this information and maybe help someone else with the same issues!

When the Adams Family Visited Porvoo

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So with Lana going to nursery I foolishly thought I’d have lots of extra time to blog – but I seem to have forgotten that 10-month-olds don’t really play on their own, but prefer to follow you around the house demanding to get picked up every two seconds…So here I am, trying to publish something about Matthew’s family’s visit two weeks later!

The Beginning of Something New

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Amos Rex Roof Helsinki

Lana is at nursery, Maya is sleeping and it feels like I have the first quiet moment to myself in months. The nursery manager and Lana’s own carer just visited and then Lana happily took both their hands and walked off to nursery whilst Maya and I were spying on them from the bedroom window. I’m only now realising just how big of a thing this is for Lana (and me) and it feels like a new beginning. An exciting one.  

New Hair & An Old Dress

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Recently I reached a point where I felt I just couldn’t look at my hair anymore and booked an appointment at local M.U.K.A.V.A hairdresser for the following day. It’s only around 3 months since my last visit, but my hair has grown really quickly and there are lots of annoying baby hairs coming through. Lovely post-pregnancy problems!

How To Make Your Own Vegan Poke Bowl

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In order to not get too bored in the kitchen I like trying new recipes – often on a weekly basis. Last week I decided to make poke bowls. And after Matthew tasted it and said it was the most delicious thing I’ve EVER cooked I thought this dish needs a post of its own! 

Our Helsinki Saturday

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I haven’t taken photos with my camera in a while, but on Saturday I woke up in a good mood (doesn’t happen too often at the moment with Maya keeping me up haha) and decided I would bring it to whatever we decided to do. We ended up wandering into the city centre with no clear plans and just exploring our new home town. This is what we got up to!