A Perfect Father’s Day

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We’ve had a long day today and a brilliant Father’s Day altogether. Lana’s been on form and walked with us for hours and hours as we didn’t even bring the buggy. She’s passed out in her bed now and I think we will be soon too! Warm weather always makes you that little bit extra tired.

So what did we get up to? Well we visited the Hermitage of Braid nature reserve, climbed up Blackford Hill where we had a picnic with amazing views of Edinburgh, got to know some ladybirds (probably the highlight of Lana’s day), saw the Royal Observatory up close for the first time, enjoyed a fresh juice from Hula Juice Bar, watched a free circus performance in the Grassmarket, played in Princes Street Gardens play park where we bumped into some friends, went home and skyped with my parents whilst having ice lollies we made ourselves and finally had tuna pasta for dinner and a long refreshing shower. I’m just going to drop a few photos here if you fancy taking a look!

I’ve probably said it before, but I bet this play park must have one of the best views in the world!

Now I think we’ll watch an episode of House of Cards and go to bed early. Hope you’ve gotten up to something fun today and that your week starts off well!

x Nina x

PS. Looks like all the photos I’ve taken with our Canon camera become faded when I publish my blog posts – so annoying!