Pics of the New Flat

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Hi all,

I’ve finally gotten around to taking a few photos of the new crib, as I know you’ve been waiting for them impatiently. 🙂

We now got all the basics, but still haven’t managed to hang more stuff on the wall than those three pictures in the photo. The flat is also quite sparce at the moment, not sure if I want tot keep it this way or perhaps make the space a bit more crowded…At least I’ll bring some Marimekko fabric, my Aalto vase and my Aurinko vases into the mix when I visit home in August!


As you can see it’s a very bright flat – we might have to get blinds of some sort. We got the red chairs and the sofa table for free from Matthew’s friend’s parents, and bought the big table in a charity shop nearby. The red really makes a great contrast.


Our new sofa in all its glory. Very pleased with the charcoal colour, all it needs is some red Marimekko cushions. 🙂


The kitchen isn’t too big, but it’s functional – and open plan, which I prefer.


We also have a big pantry where we keep the microwave, freezer, washing machine and loads of random stuff we didn’t know where to put.


And this is where the magic happens…:) Also very bright, so perfect for squeezing spots haha.


This is Matthew’s input when it comes to decorating the flat – the 7 dwarfs have found their way into our bathroom. Still not sure if I like them or don’t…What do you think?


And here’s the bedroom with very bare walls and classic Ikea bedding.


Those blackout curtains are a lifesaver.


The flat was unfurnished when we moved in, which means we didn’t even have a wardrobe – and still don’t. I thought it would be nice to keep the space open and just get a clothes rack instead (5 of the hangers are Matthew’s and the rest mine…).


Matthew insisted on putting this red desk that his parents found in a flea market in the bedroom. At first I wasn’t sure if it would fit, but in hindsight I’m really glad he insisted!

Last but not least, just have to share this comparison between a man’s and a woman’s take on making the bed. Can you guess which one is my creation and which one is Matthew’s??


Sunset from our bedroom window. A bit jealous about that sunroom on the roof that our neighbours have…

Did I mention that we live just above a Scotmid supermarket? It’s quite nice as it’s not the end of the world if you forget to buy something (or if you just need something sweet after dinner).

Time to go and lie down on that sofa. Have a good Tuesday night!

x Nina x